Who will win the Big East?

Some may answer the question posed in the title of this article with a question of their own, namely, “Does it really matter?”  Sure, the Big East is really down this year; Sportsbook has none of their teams listed in the BCS Championship race, because none of them are mathematically alive in the race, but one of these teams is going to be picked for a BCS bowl, and over a much more deserving team at that.  So, who is going to be that lucky team that probably serves as cannon fodder for a more talented team from another conference? The Pittsburgh Panthers seem like the easy pick.  They have taken a pretty big lead over the competition, so they would really have to fall apart to not win this conference.  Plus, as previously stated, it isn’t exactly stiff competition.  Syracuse, South Florida, and Louisville are not teams that strike Read More

Who will win the ACC?

The ACC may not feature many of the best teams in college football – Virginia Tech has the best odds to win the national title on Sportsbook, and they are at +10,000 – but it still figures to be an exciting conference.  There are several teams that could legitimately win the conference, particularly since they have a conference title game.  So, who will it be? First, you have to predict who will win each division.  The Coastal Division seems easier, with the pick being Virginia Tech. Yes, despite losing to FCS school James Madison, the Hokies figure to win their division.  They have breathing room between them, Miami, and North Carolina, and they would have to pretty much lose to both of those teams to not win their division.  That is not a likely thing to happen. The Atlantic Division is a bit more difficult to pick.  Florida State, Maryland, Read More

Who Will Win the Atlantic Division?

The NBA’s Atlantic Division does not look all that good on paper.  The Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, and New Jersey Nets are all improving teams, but all are far from being good teams at this point as well.  While the Knicks might make the playoffs now that they have Amare Stoudemire, if they finish more than a couple games above .500 it will be surprising.  Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors, who just lost Chris Bosh, may be the worst team in the NBA.  No, it is not a good division. That means it is pretty much a lock that the Boston Celtics win the division.  Even if this was not a weak division that might be the case.  The Celtics are a very good team, one of the league’s best. After all, they made the NBA Finals last season, and they won the title with pretty much the same roster Read More

Who Will Win the NFC North?

The NFC North certainly hasn’t turned out the way people expected it to when the season began. Injuries to key players such as Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley have hindered the Green Bay Packers.  The Chicago Bears looked decent, but Mike Martz seems unconcerned about the wellbeing of Jay Cutler.  The Detroit Lions still aren’t good, but they can hold their own against any team in the league.  Then, there is the Minnesota Vikings, perhaps the most disappointing team in the league.  So, which team ends up winning this division? Well, the Lions can be ruled out, even though they do look like a team on the rise.  The Bears got off to a pretty good start, but have faltered recently.  Their offense does not look good at all.  The Vikings also appear to be a mess.  Brett Favre is all banged up, and they traded for Randy Moss before Read More