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NBA Playoff Odds

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This weekend showcases NBA Playoffs midway through first round action.  A couple NBA Final favorites have been hit with key injuries, and now the odds reflect the impact that may have.  The Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks were favored to win their respective conferences before the playoffs began, while the Suns were heavily favored to win the Championship. With Devin Booker out two to three weeks (possibly more considering the type of injury) and Kris Middleton sidelined for at least the remainder of the Bulls series; the Suns and Bucks have seen their odds worsen overnight.   Odds below:

Current odds with each series tied 1-1, with the lingering injuries in mind:

Bulls +230

Bucks -275

(Odds imply a 73.3 percent probability Bucks advance)

Pelicans +265

Suns -315

(Odds imply a 75.9 percent probability Suns advance)

Both teams are favored by around 2 points on the road tonight.  The Suns would be -5.5 to -6 point favorites with Booker in the lineup while the Bucks would be -4 or -4.5 with Middleton.

Additionally, the Bucks now have the third-best odds in the East while the Suns have slipped to second in the West behind Golden State.