At, we take great pride in our premium Sportsbook.

Sports Betting Intro

We have written a bunch of great articles covering just about every aspect on sports betting. Topics covered provide detailed advice on how to avoid pitfalls and criteria’s you should use while selecting an online sport’s betting site. We’ve written on sports betting bonuses and how the fine print matters especially when attempting to use sports betting bonuses.

Appearances are often deceptive so we’ve also written an article covering the  sign-up, making deposits and withdrawing winnings from sports betting sites. Also, we’ve written an article that answers your question on whether online sports betting is safe – what are the danger zones and what one must look for before registering and making your first deposit at a sports betting site. We’ve also discussed whether it is worthwhile becoming a professional sports bettor and have covered the history of sports betting, explained the common types of sports bets and written about the latest craze – mobile sports betting. In short, we’ve put ourselves in your shoes and have attempted to answer questions and issues that are bound to come up especially if you are either a novice or someone wanting to graduate from a brick-and-mortar sports betting center to, an online sports betting site.

For more comprehensive sports betting information Click Here REVIEW is a sportsbook that welcomes U.S. bettors and focuses on the U.S. sports market as well as the international soccer leagues. Along with the sportsbook, there’s also an active casino and racebook at The site includes some generous bonus offers, a lot of game props, and mobile access.


This sportsbook is setup nicely in that it has all of the sports and various special betting opportunities listed on the left hand side of the homepage. It’s also a breeze to navigate, as whatever you’re looking for is one or, at the most, two clicks away. makes it easy for sports bettors to find what they want whether it’s a specific sport or game on which to bet or a type of bet to make.

Although there are not as many sports on this site as there is on the other larger online sportsbooks, uses this fact to simplify the navigation process and to focus on offering solid value on mainstream betting markets. is definitely geared to the lunch pail sports bettor. That is, the site is for the person who wants to do their homework, find value, and make bets that offer a solid payout and less risk.

Sports covered by

On, U.S. sports bettors will find the big six American sports on which to wager: the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, and MLB. There’s a major emphasis on these sports, making this a premium site for U.S. sports bettors who are looking for a sportsbook that really caters to their interests.

Many U.S. sports bettors have also taken to wagering on soccer. The web has made soccer more accessible, while as a sport it has grown in popularity in the U.S. due to a 15- to 20-year youth movement, the success of the US Women, and increased coverage on TV of the English Premier League. At any given time on, there are hundreds of different soccer matches on which to wager with leagues from around the world featured, including the English Premiere League, Serie A, La Liga, German Bundesliga, and MLS.

Other sports that are on-hand include arena football, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, car, racing, boxing, and the Canadian Football League (CFL). However, you will not be able to access many of the European and English sports that you often find on other sportsbooks. Sports you will not find include rugby, cricket, darts, and snooker. Plus, you won’t have access to foreign hockey, baseball, or basketball leagues.

Types of Bets offered at

All standard sports bets are available. That includes point spread, moneyline, and over/under. Runline for baseball and puckline for hockey may be wagered on. For many sports, this online sportsbook offers both spread (puckine and runline) and moneyline bets. As an example, if the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees, you can bet using either the runline or moneyline. has made it very easy for bettors to play single sport parlays or mixed sports parlays. You may pick any combination of over/unders, spreads, or lines. A simple pull down menu, located on the right hand side of the site, can be used to make if bets, reverse if bets, and teasers.

You will discover a wide range of futures bets that you can make as well as individual and team prop bets. As an example, NBA futures include choosing the rookie of the year and which teams will win their conference and the league championship. NFL betting includes picking division, conference, and Super Bowl winners.

During the season, when you’re betting on games you can wager on any quarter, first- and second-halves, and complete game results. Also, there are numerous other props from which you may choose. There are game, team, and player props for each contest on which you’re wagering.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers includes a long list of promotions and bonuses. Such offers are subject to change depending on what sports are being played, the popularity of the sport, and other factors. As an example, the site offers a first deposit bonus of 50% worth up to $1,000 in bets or a 25% sign up bonus that gives you up to $500 in cash.

Claim your bonus at

Plus, there’s a reload bonus of 25% that’s good for up to $500 and a refer-a-friend program to gives members up to $100 per referral.

Banking Options at

Overall, transactions at are easily facilitated and the environment is safe and secure. provides sports bettors with many different banking options. The site is reliable in terms of processing deposits, and it offers members fast deposit methods. Although credit cards are preferred, this type of deposit method is usually not available to U.S sports bettors due to federal laws governing the transfer of cash from U.S. banking institutions to offshore betting sites.

Deposit choices that are always reliable for U.S. sports bettors include Western Union and MoneyGram and certain debit cards. Debit cards must be able to be used for online, international purchases, which means you’ll need to register the card before you can use it.

When you win cash, you’ll be able to withdraw it by either requesting a bank transfer or a check delivered via courier. Normally, withdrawals will be processed within 8 to 15 business days with delivery being made by FedEx or DHL.

Customer Service

Customer service at is solid and is available through their toll-free phone number, live chat, and email. The site also has an extensive list of FAQs that are very helpful. The fastest way to get an answer to any question you may have is through the site’s 800 number.

Other Things to Know

Live in-play betting can be enjoyed for certain sports. With live betting, you find that odds change as the game progresses. Totals, moneyline, and spread bets may be made. This can be a good way to make up for lost bets made prior to the start of a game, match, or contest.

The sportsbook provides bettors with various other non-sports related wagering opportunities, including that include betting on the weather, politics, and entertainment events. has various casino games that you can easily access. Their racebook features premium races from across the U.S.

They also offer bettors an informative sports betting blog designed to keep you up to date on the latest action and lines. You’ll discover value via their blog.

Our Verdict is a very solid sportsbook for U.S. bettors. The layout makes for easy navigation, all of the sports that Americans love are available, and the customer service is solid.

There are some great promotions, including a generous initial deposit bonus. Of course, special promotions and bonuses are subject to change. You should always read any bonus promotions carefully, as there are usually limitations regarding when you may withdraw funds and the play through amount.

Check out, it could be a top choice for you especially if your focus is on U.S. sports and soccer.

GTBETS REVIEW, whose initials stand for “Game Time,” is a full service sportsbook, offering a range of wagering opportunities for active sports bettors. This book, which was established in 2011, focuses on the sports that are considered to be the meat and potatoes for United States bettors. These include the four major professional leagues in the U.S. and NCAA football. They also offer a lot of betting opportunities on those sports that are heavily bet in Europe, including soccer and rugby.


Sports bettors access bets under a main menu on the homepage that consists of specific sports. Simply click on the sport, and a submenu appears from which you may choose to wager on upcoming regular season games, a series, futures, or other such betting areas. You may also choose special wagering options, such as parlays, from the main menu or you may wait to do so once you navigate to a specific sport.

Navigation on has been well designed, as most of what you are looking for is one or two clicks away. The homepage clearly displays your account balance, reward points, and your available bonus percentage. The cashier is one-click away at all times.

The site also provides bettors with a full service casino and horsebook. There is no poker room at and no live action wagering. Mobile betting for the sportsbook and casino are both available.

The homepage is clearly laid out and one of the easiest to navigate on the Internet. The fact that limits the number of sports that it carries helps to control the clutter that you find at many other online sportsbooks.

Sports covered by GTBets

The primary sport at is NFL football, which is closely followed by NCAA football, the NBA, NHL, and MLB. If you want to wager on other professional football, basketball, hockey, or baseball leagues located in various regions of the world, you’ll need to find another site. Although some may find this lack of worldwide leagues to be a drawback, most sports bettors in the U.S. focus on the American version of these games and won’t miss the other markets. In limiting the scope of available betting markets, is able to focus its efforts on offering bettors the best lines and deals on the leagues in which they are traditionally most interested. carries the major soccer leagues from around the world, as well as a few of the minor ones. With approximately 15 different leagues represented, there’s plenty of betting action for those who enjoy wagering on the soccer. World Cup 2014 and English Championship betting are offered, as are English Premiere League, Spanish La Liga, and Brazil Serie A.

Also available are tennis, golf, boxing, and, to a limited degree, special horse racing events. Cricket, darts, Gaelic games, and other such sports are not carried, and, also, not missed by many U.S. bettors.

Types of Bets offered by GTBets provides moneyline and totals on all sports. Spread betting dominates NFL and NCAA football wagering. Puckline hockey bets are not offered, but the site does provide MLB runlines. When wagering on hockey, the site does not offer the three-way bet option. Overtime and shootout wins count when considering NHL bets, which means there can never be a time when a game is considered a tie.

As mentioned earlier, this site focuses on NFL betting. In doing so, they offer many different lines and props. Each football game has a dozen or more types of wagers that sports bettors can utilize. prides itself on providing bettors with soft lines, which could be good news for savvy football bettors.

Props are offered on football during the regular season and playoffs, and props are provided on all other sports during their respective playoffs. The online book offers parlays, including progressive and multi-league parlays, teasers, and if bets on all sports throughout the year. has an exclusive and exciting 15-team progressive parlay that can payoff big. A $5.00 bet can result in a $50,000 or higher payout. The progressive jackpot for this parlay keeps growing until someone hits it, and then it goes back to the $50,000 minimum. By the way, if you manage to lose every one of those 15 games, will give you a prize worth $2,000. That’s right, if you’re totally unlucky and bad at picking games, you’ll be rewarded for it at

There’s a lot of betting action every day of the year at As noted, this website is especially focused on the NFL, and it is a leader in football props. Still, throughout the year avid sports bettors will find plenty to keep them busy.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers

There are many bonuses, special offers, and promotions at These are designed to enhance your sports betting experience and empower your bankroll. There are also rebates on casino games, blackjack, and horse betting. provides new members a solid first deposit bonus of 100% on sums between $35 and $250 and 50% on deposits up to $500. In order to process a withdrawal associated with a bonus, bettors must meet the rollover threshold by accumulating Rollover Points. For sports betting the total Rollover Points that must be earned is ten times the bonus. Thus, if your bonus is $100, you’ll have to earn 1000 Rollover Points. When betting, you receive 5 points for every $10 wagered. Thus, to withdraw cash associated with the bonus amount, you would need to make $2,000 in sportsbook bets.

The reload bonus, which is automatically given to anyone anytime they make a deposit beyond the initial one, ranges from 5% to 50%. How much of a bonus you will receive depends on your account balance, the amount of your last deposit, and other factors. There is no need to request your bonus because automatically credits your account. The roller over on this bonus is six times the amount.

The sportsbook also gives members a chance to earn cash for every friend that they refer. When a friend signs up all they have to do is put your account ID into the referral field, and your account will be credited with a 20% bonus, which is based on their initial deposit. Thus, if your friend opens their account and makes a first deposit of $500, you’ll receive $100 in your account. The maximum on any one referral a member can receive is $200.

The Favorite Teams promotion is an exclusive one at Sports bettors choose two favorite teams each from NCAA football and the NFL. Then, throughout the football season when you bet on those teams you’ll get a 1-point adjustment on the spread for your college clubs and a .5 adjustment on the spread for your favorite NFL teams. Bettors are advised to choose their teams carefully, as once you have decided which teams you like, they will be locked in for the entire football season.



Deposits to your sportsbook account may be made using Visa and Mastercard or by utilizing Direct Cash or Quick Cash. does not charge a fee for Visa and Mastercard deposits, and as long as deposits that are made through other means are between $200 and $1,000, there is no fee for those either. Payouts are processed using bank wire or through Direct Cash or Quick Cash. Payouts are limited to one every seven days.

Customer Service

Customer service may be accessed through live chat, toll-free telephone, or email. The site provides customer service on the following schedule: live chat from Monday – Sunday: 9:00AM – 4:00AM EST and telephone from Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM – 12:00AM EST. Customer service is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your sports betting needs are met and questions are answered.

Other Things to Know certainly believes that sports bettors should be informed. The site publishes a daily blog that covers major sporting events. They also offer insightful sports betting articles on MLB, soccer, the NFL, NHL, and NBA. Learn the ins and outs of each sport, and get solid handicapping tips that you can utilize. This is a very good tool.

The site also has a very handy monthly sports calendar that neatly highlights important events that are of special interest to the bettor. The calendar is designed so that it is very easy to read and access; it is large and clearly and vividly illustrated.

Additionally, sends a weekly newsletter to members. Each newsletter contains special offers, such as double reload bonuses, point discounts on bets, free bets on selected games, and no vig or half vig specials. You’ll also receive announcements about game of the week specials and sweepstakes giveaways.

Our Verdict is a very nicely designed sportsbook that makes navigation easy and simple. The U.S. sports bettor will find all of their favorite events easy to access, and those who love the NFL and NCAA football will be especially pleased with the various special deals available. Also, those in Europe will be pleased to find an extensive list of soccer and rugby matches.

This site certainly believes that bettors should be well informed and their calendar listings, blog, and articles are handy tools for those who want to be in the know. Soft lines are their specialty. As far as promotions go, it’s tough to find one more exciting than their Progressive Parlay deal that pays at least $50,000 on a 15-team, $5.00 bet. The first deposit and automatic reload bonuses are competitive. is a fine online sportsbook that serves U.S. bettors well. If you are looking for a site with some great deals, a wealth of lines, and plenty of action, then this is a good choice for you.

BETONLINE REVIEW is a very active sportsbook, offering wagering opportunities on a wide range of events, including those that are preferred by U.S bettors. Plus, there are plenty of ways to save cash, as offers a wealth of special promotions and bonuses. Whether you love wagering on the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB, you’ll find amazing deals that will give your bankroll more clout

OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT AT BETONLINE allows members to easily access all league games with one click and make their betting choices with just another quick click or two. If you’re interested in the props for a specific game just look for the “plus sign” on the right hand corner of the odds table for that game. If there is a plus sign, click on it and all props will be displayed. If you are into props, then is your site. Baseball proposition bets are especially plentiful.

Along with a fine sportsbook, offers horse racing, a casino, and a poker room. The site includes a section of truly unique games, as you can win cash playing skill games such as dominoes, gin rummy, and spades. If you’d like to test-drive a game or two, that’s no a problem, just click on the free play mode and see how it works and how you do. Then get ready to have some fun.

BeOnline, which can also be accessed via your iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other Internet browser-enabled mobile phone, is an online sportsbook that provides the serious bettor with a lot of action on each and every game. With its leaning towards U.S. sports, but selective offerings from other parts of the sports world, this is a site designed for those in the U.S. who love American games, but who, also, would like to engage in new betting opportunities.

Sports Offered

The list of U.S. sports at includes MLB, the NBA, NHL, and NFL. Also, NCAA football and basketball are a major component of this site. You’ll find soccer from around the world, as over a dozen markets are represented, including those located in the U.S., England, Europe, and South America. Quality soccer matches, including World Cup contests, are on-hand.

At, look for the NBA and NFL to be highlighted, as there are special promotions associated with those sports and leagues. You’ll find solid deals on many lines and bonuses that are designed to keep you interested and wagering.

There’s a solid sampling of rugby leagues that may also be bet. Futures are plentiful at this online sportsbook and include golf, hockey, football, and soccer markets. There are also horseracing futures and props, and props for the NBA, MLB, and NFL. The futures market at is one of the most extensive around.

Other sports include the Olympic games, auto racing, and marital arts. Snooker, darts, lacrosse, and softball are also represented on the site. If you’re interested in wagering on new and diverse markets, has just enough to keep the inquisitive sports bettor busy.

Types of Bets

All major sports are offered in traditional straight bets. Thus, you may choose from moneyline or point spread wagers. Hockey games are offered with the moneyline and puckline, while baseball choices include moneyline and runline odds. Totals odds are also available.

All basic lines are listed for one game in an easy-to-read format. Plus, as mentioned earlier, all props, such as halftime betting, individual team scoring, and other stat-associated bets, can be read by simply selecting the plus sign in the right hand corner of the line.

Wager on parlays, teasers, and pleasers. Plus, there are round robin and reverse wagering opportunities. With the parlay on this site, as it is with any book, you’ll have to get every bet right to cash in. To protect your investment, you can buy points with a teaser, which will lessen your risk as with a teaser points are given to each of the teams that you select. The more points you purchase, the less your risk, and the more reduced your payout will be.

You may also protect yourself by going with an if bet. The if bet, which is in play on a two-team parlay, saves you cash due to the fact that if your first wager does not pan out, the second half of the bet is not made, but if it does win, then the second bet has action.

You may protect yourself in another manner with a reverse bet. The reverse bet works in both ways, thus giving you the opportunity to win the bet, and to a degree lose the bet, going both ways. With the reverse wager, if you win one of the bets, you will, basically, lose less than you would if you played a pure parlay. If you hit it, you will also win less. also offers pleasers, which may be used in point spread bets that are on your parlay ticket. Not all online sportsbooks provide members with this type of action. The pleaser is the opposite of the teaser. You’d bet the pleaser on a parlay if you think the teams you choose don’t actually need the points they are being given. With the pleaser, you are basically giving points to the team that you are betting against, putting your choices in greater jeopardy. Because this is the case, pleasers, if they are hit in a parlay, pay off at great rates. They are very tough to cash in on, as handicappers usually know what they are doing with most of the games for which they set odds. offers live betting too. This feature provides sports bettors with the opportunity to wager on games as they are being played. Overall, the action focuses on basic bets, such as spreads, totals, props, etc. It is a solid feature that can be utilized effectively by sports bettors who understand the ebb and flow of specific sports and matchups.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers is offering, for a limited time, a sign up bonus of 25%. This bonus is worth up to $1,000 in free bets. Also, they provide a 25% ongoing reload bonus that is instantly added to your account whenever you make a deposit. This is a lifetime offer.

You can also qualify for a $50 free bet when using their mobile sportsbook and a $25 free bet when utilizing the site’s live betting platform. Both of these offers are separate from each other. You must first make a wager of $50 on the mobile sports book, or make a $25 bet on live betting. If you lose your first wager, you must email the help center, telling them that you lost your first bet. They will check to make sure that is the case. If you did lose your first bet, then a $50 bet will be credited to your account to use on the mobile site and/or a $25 wager will be credited to your account that you can use for live betting.

Their Refer-a-Friend bonus offers members $50 worth of bets. To collect that bonus, a friend must make a minimum deposit of $50 and then roll it over once. You can refer as many people as you’d like.



For those in the U.S., the best methods of deposit are person-to-person money transfers, such as those processed by Western Union, and select international Visa debit cards that may be used for online purchases. Payout options include check and person-to-person money transfers. is dedicated to making sure that withdrawals and deposits are processed quickly and efficiently. They offer a wide range of options for both, and those listed above are but a small sample, but they tend to be the ones that work best for those in the U.S.

Customer Service

Support at is available 24/7 and 365 days a week through their toll free telephone number. You may also email them. The sportsbook is focused on ensuring that their members have a premium experience, problems are addressed quickly, and funds are available for betting or cashing out ASAP.Customer service for is very helpful and the personnel are well trained. It is an extremely convenient service.

Other Things to Know

Although other sportsbooks offer a blog of some sort, the one at is extensive, focusing on each major sport. Known as the Betting Edge, you’ll find an array of sports betting articles focusing on recent games, tournaments, and series. This is a great resource for the sports bettor who wants an insider’s view and a bit of an extra edge.

The site also offers a very good lineup of FAQs for each of its areas, including its sportsbook. These can be especially helpful to those who want to understand how certain features on the website work. There’s also a good video that explains their live betting platform.

Our Verdict is a well-designed sportsbook that is extremely efficient to use. With its focus on U.S. sports and the addition of some European favorites, it is a fine site for Americans. Reduced juice is the name of the game, and they don’t fool around with their bonuses either.

There are a truckload of props for various sports, such as baseball and football. Plus, unlike many sites, they always offer moneyline and point spread odds. There are many different ways to lessen the risk of your parlay and, with pleasers, which tend to be rare to find these days, you can increase your risk and score big.

They do have live betting action, with changing odds as a contest progresses. There are some sites that allow you to bet on just about every action, but most, like, offer live betting for shifting odds on totals, scoring, and final outcomes. Thus, its live betting platform is not as active as some sites, but it is certainly average or a little better than average.

Everything about is nicely thought out and designed. It’s a one-click site, with clearly defined odds and props, and plenty of action. This is a fine site for the serious, as well as the casual, sports bettor.

SPORTSBETTING.AG REVIEW is a sportsbook that offers a complete roster of U.S. sports, as well as others that are popular in other parts of the world. This online book is well organized, offers value in terms of bonuses, and provides bettors with solid odds and props. Although you will find other books that offer more markets and sports, it’s tough to find a book that provides so many quality sports betting opportunities.


When it comes to finding and getting to the sport that you’re interested in, is one of the cleanest and easiest to navigate sportsbooks on the Internet. All sports are listed very clearly on the left hand side of the page. All pages are easy to read too.

When you navigate to a specific sport’s subpage and if there is only one league, you’ll see all of the games and odds clearly listed for that sport. If there is more than one league for that particular sport, as is the case with soccer, you’ll discover that the various leagues and major events are individually listed. Simply click on the appropriate link on the subpage and you’ll be taken to the league or event in which you’re interested. also offers a racebook. poker room, and casino. Quality thoroughbred racetracks are featured on the racebook. You will find sites that provide you with more horserace betting opportunities, however this book emphasizes quality. The same is true of the casino, which includes some of the most engaging slots you can find online, live baccarat, and a huge bonus. Plus, the poker room is busy as it offers cash games, sit and goes, and tournaments.

The sportsbook looks great, navigates easily, and offers bettors a lot of action.

Sports Offered

The emphasis at is on U.S. games as well a soccer action around the world. Football is a major component of this site’s listings, which includes NFL, CFL, and NCAA action. Baseball is also in full swing on this site, as all MLB games are offered. In addition, you can wager on NBA, WNBA, and NCAA basketball and the NHL. In addition to U.S. hoop, you’ll also be able to access odds on European basketball.

As noted, soccer is prominently featured. All of the major soccer leagues from around the world are listed, including English Premier League, Argentina Primera Division, France – Ligue 1, Germany – Bundesliga 1, Italy – Serie A, Spain – La Liga, and USA – MLS. For Americans who are interested in wagering on what is the most popular and most bet sport in the world, the soccer listings at are tough to beat.

Other sports include tennis, golf, MMA, cricket, rugby, and boxing. If you are into auto racing then will serve you well as they offer major NASCAR races.

Types of Bets

At, you’ll be able to make all of the basic straight bets that you can at most other sites, including moneyline, point spread, and over/unders. For baseball, the site offers runlines and for hockey, there’s the puckline.

The prop betting section individual games is extensive, as you’ll be able to wager on totals of various stats and on first- and second-half odds. Also, quarter odds are available on football and the NBA, and period odds can be bet on hockey. Plus, exact scores, scoring series, over/unders on various stats, and other props are offered.

Live betting on MLB, football, basketball, and hockey is available. Overall, the live betting at this site is fairly basic, as straight odds are adjusted as the game is played.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers offers a sign up bonus of 50%. This bonus is worth up to $500 in free bets and has a minimum requirement of $25. There’s a rollover stipulation of 8X. Also, they provide a 25% reload bonus that is added to your account whenever you make a deposit. This is a lifetime offer.

You can also qualify for a $50 free bet when using their mobile sportsbook and a $25 free bet when utilizing the site’s live betting platform. Both of these offers are separate from each other. You must first make a wager of $50 on the mobile sports book, or make a $25 bet on live betting.

If you lose your first wager, you must email the help center, telling them that you lost your first bet. They will check to make sure that is the case. If you did lose your first bet, then a $50 bet will be credited to your account to use on the mobile site and/or a $25 wager will be credited to your account that you can use for live betting.

There’s also reduced juice on NHL lines, dime lines on MLB and close to two dozen promotion and bonus offers associated with their casino, racebook, and poker room.


Banking offers many banking options including bank wire, U.S. Postal money orders, Western Union or MoneyGram. Additionally, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, and Skrill are accepted. Bitcoin may also be utilized.

Withdrawal methods are also various and include courier check, bank wire, and money transfer services. You need to go through a verification process in order to withdraw funds.

Customer Service

Customer service is available through’s toll-free phone number or live chat. You may also contact them via email. Customer service is provided 24/7.

Other Things to Know

The online casino includes live table games hosted by beautiful women and a solid collection of casino offerings. Enjoy 6-deck blackjack, Spanish blackjack, blackjack switch, blackjack single deck, blackjack single hand, baccarat, American roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and craps. The casino’s action packed slots include Aztec Heaven, Out of This World, 7th Heaven, Pirate’s Revenge, Serpent’s Treasure, Diamond Jackpot, and Diamond Dreams.’s casino also has video poker games that are entertaining and diverse. They include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker’s Wild, All American, Aces and Eights, and Double Bonus. Plus, there are multi-hand and pyramid versions of various games.

The racebook provides action from over 30 thoroughbred racetracks. Included are the top races, such as The Preakness, Kentucky Derby, and Belmont Stakes. There’s no end to the action at this site’s racebook .

Our Verdict offers total integration between its sportsbook, casino, poker room, and racebook. There’s plenty of action for those who love betting on both European and U.S. sports.

Overall, the sportsbook is the major attraction here. Still, the racebook is very competitive and the online casino has some great features, including beautiful live dealers. Live dealing is about as close to real casino action as you can get without actually leaving your home and travelling to a land-based.

At, there’s an emphasis on both straight bets and props. The number of props per game is huge. There’s quite a bit of live action too, although overall in-game choices are limited with live betting. The selection of soccer leagues is very strong. The bonuses are simple and straightforward.

This is a fun and action filled sportsbook that makes wagering interesting and easy. If you love proposition bets, then is a great site to check out. A mobile version is available, which means you can take this book anywhere you go.


Hottest team: Royals (7-0 past seven overall)

The Royals have ripped off seven consecutive victories, but unfortunately for them they cannot make up any ground on the first-place Indians. Cleveland won its fifth consecutive game in dramatic fashion with a walk-off grand slam from Edwin Encarnacion on Tuesday. Still, the Royals continue to get good pitching and timely hitting in low-scoring games lately. The Royals are 7-0 over their past seven against AL Central teams, 7-0 over their past seven against teams with a losing record and 19-7 over their past 26 games vs. right-handed starting pitching. Kansas City has also been successful on 13 of their past 19 road outing while winning seven of Ian Kennedy’s past eight outings overall.

Coldest team: White Sox (1-10 past 11 games, 8-22 past 30 overall)

On the flip side of things in the AL Central, the White Sox continue to scuffle. They have won just once over the past 11 outings, and they have traded off key pieces to contenders for prospects. As such, they continue to be in full rebuild mode. Bettors have been having a lot of luck fading the Pale Hose lately, as they have won just once over the past 11 overall, they have dropped five in a row at home and they’re 2-8 over their past 10 interleague outings. In addition, they’re just 1-8 over their past nine following a loss, 1-5 across James Shields’ past six outings and 5-11 in their past 16 at home against teams with an overall winning mark.

Hottest pitcher: Chris Sale, Red Sox (12-4, 2.48 ERA)

Sale checks into Wednesday’s series finale at Safeco Field with the third-best ERA in the majors at 2.48. He also is tied for the lead in the American League with 12 victories while sitting as the only pitcher in the majors with 200 strikeouts and it’s not even August. The Red Sox have won 11 of Sale’s past 15 outings, including five of his past seven on the road. He should be the key to snapping their four-game losing skid, and the public seems to think so by backing the Red Sox hard on Wednesday. The Red Sox are also 8-2 over Sale’s past 10 when working on four days of rest.

Coldest pitcher: Ricky Nolasco, Angels (4-11, 5.13 ERA)

Nolasco takes the mound at Progressive Field in Cleveland trying to cool off the Indians. They’re on a five-game winning streak, and they’ll be licking their chops to face the league leader in homers allowed (26). He hasn’t faced the Tribe this season, but he has an extensive history against them from his days as a member of the Minnesota Twins. He is 0-2 with a 5.54 ERA over his past six starts and one relief appearance against Cleveland since the start of the 2014 season, and the Indians have clobbered nine homers against him across 39 innings during the span, tied with the White Sox for most of any team in the majors.

Biggest UNDER run: Pirates (27-10-2 past 39 overall)

The ‘under’ has been a regular occurrence for the Bucs lately, going 27-10-2 over their past 39 games overall. The under is also an impressive 21-6-1 across their past 28 games against a right-handed starter, 6-2-1 in their past nine on the road vs. RHP and 12-2 in their past 14 outings following a loss. In addition, the under is 5-1 in the past six outings by Trevor Williams while going 4-1 over his past five when working on four days of rest. However, the over is 6-0-3 in the past nine meetings in San Francisco, while going 5-2-1 in the past eight meetings overall between these two clubs.

Biggest OVER run: Braves (6-1 past seven overall)

The ‘over’ continues to hit for the Braves on their west coast road swing. The total has gone over in six of their past seven overall, and five of six on their road trip, including each of the first two games in Arizona. Tuesday’s game barely inched over the total (10.5), as Atlanta won 8-3 behind Mike Foltynewicz. Atlanta is averaging 5.8 runs per game over the past six outings while allowing 5.4 runs per game over the past seven outings. The Braves turn to Aaron Blair to start Wednesday, and that usually means plenty of runs. The over is 4-1 over his past five starts, and 3-1-1 in his past five on the road against teams with a winning overall mark. The over is also 8-1 in Atlanta’s past nine on the road overall.

Matchup to watch: White Sox vs. Cubs

The Battle of Chicago has been fairly close over the years. However, there is a wide gulf between these two sides right now, as the Cubs are coming off a world championship and challenging for another, while the White Sox have the third-worst winning percentage in baseball, and they’re dead last in the American League. The Cubs have won seven straight on the road, and nine of their past 11 overall. The White Sox have lost 22 of their past 30, and five straight at home. However, the two sides split a pair on the north side earlier this week, with the Cubs winning 7-2 on Tuesday and the White Sox winning 3-1 on Monday.


The matchup that many fans wanted for the final of the Gold Cup didn’t materialize, but don’t tell the United States that playing upstart Jamaica instead of heated rival Mexico on Wednesday in Santa Clara, Calif., is a letdown.

“I could care less who we play in the final. We just want to win a trophy,” U.S. coach Bruce Arena said.

His team upheld its end of the possible dream match with a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica on Saturday, but Jamaica shocked Mexico 1-0 in the other semifinal on Sunday.

Jamaica, which lost the 2015 final to Mexico, has a chance to join Mexico (seven titles), the United States (five) and Canada (one) as the only Gold Cup champions.

“That’s a cycle we want to break,” Jamaican coach Theodore Whitmore said after Sunday’s match. “That’s something we sit and discuss. It’s always Mexico, U.S. We want to be in that group. We want to be a team, a country that someone can talk about, and that’s what we’re working toward.”

Jamaica has had success against the U.S. team, beating the Americans 2-1 in the 2015 semifinal.

Yet, the Reggae Boyz failed to reach the final round of World Cup 2018 qualifying, making their run in the Gold Cup a bit surprising.

The transformation began when Whitmore, like Arena, was brought back for a second stint with the national team.

“They’re a different kind of Jamaican team than we’ve seen in the past,” Arena said on Monday. “They have a lot of discipline. They are very strong defensively and they’re hard to play against. That, to me, is not what you typically see out of a Jamaican team.”

Arena’s biggest decision is whether to start forward Clint Dempsey, who came off the bench vs. Costa Rica to assist on the winning goal by Jozy Altidore and then score his 57th international goal to tie Landon Donovan for the most by an American male.

“It’s whatever the coach decides,” Dempsey told the media Monday. “All I can do is make sure I put myself in the best position if I get called upon and make an impact in the game. The most important thing is the team wins.”

As of Monday afternoon, more than 60,000 tickets had been sold for the match at Levi’s Stadium, but many likely had been purchased by Mexican fans anticipating a title defense.


Hottest team: Mariners (4-0 past four overall, 8-1 past nine road games)

The Mariners have won four straight games to get themselves right back into the wild-card mix, sitting 1 1/2 games back of the Royals for the final postseason spot in the American League with two months to go. Seattle is back in the black in run differential at plus-4, and they’ve improved to 23-26 on the road thanks to an 8-1 record over their past nine away from home. The M’s have gotten themselves back into contention against the dregs of the league, going 5-0 over their past five road games against teams with a losing record and 5-1 over the past six inside their division. They have also fared well when Ariel Miranda is on the bump, going 9-3 over his past 12 outings against AL West foes and 4-1 over his past five road assignments.

Coldest team: Braves (0-6 past six games, 0-4 past four at home)

The Braves continue their home series against the high-octane Dodgers, and that’s not good for their chances to snap their losing skid. Atlanta has dropped six in a row to fall well out of contention after an impressive run had pulled them within three games of .500. The Braves have won just one of their past six against NL West foes, they’re 0-5 in their past five tries against a right-handed starter and they’re are just 2-5 over Julio Teheran’s past seven outings. They’re also 4-9 in Teheran’s past 13 tries against teams with a winning overall mark while going 6-22 across his past 28 home outings. In addition, the Braves are 1-4 over their past five home games against the Dodgers, while going 0-8 in Teheran’s past eight starts against L.A.

Hottest pitcher: Jason Vargas, Royals (13-4, 3.00 ERA)

Vargas looks to help the Royals salvage their series and avoid the broom in Charm City before heading back home to face the red-hot Mariners for four. The Orioles have surprised everyone, taking the first two games of the series by a combined score of 9-3. The Royals have won 20 of the past 26 starts by Vargas while going 12-2 over his past 14 outings against teams with a losing overall mark. The Royals have also won eight of their past 10 against right-handed starting pitching, and they’re a perfect 7-0 over their past seven games on a Wednesday, although that last stat can mostly be taken with a grain of salt.

Coldest pitcher: Matt Moore, Giants (3-10, 5.74 ERA)

Moore enters Wednesday’s interleague home start against the Athletics looking to avoid his 11th loss of the season. He has served up 75 earned runs over 117 2/3 innings, fourth-most in the majors and third-most in the National League behind teammate Jeff Samardzija (76) and San Diego’s Clayton Richard (80), two pitchers with one more start than Moore. Opponents are also hitting a robust .293 against Moore this season, with the Giants 3-9 over his past 12 outings and 1-5 over his past six at home. The Giants are also a dismal 7-15 in their past 22 home games vs. RHP and 5-12 in their past 17 overall against righties.

Biggest UNDER run: Brewers (18-6 past 24 overall)

The ‘under’ continues to cash on a regular basis for Milwaukee, hitting in each of their past four games and 18 of the past 24 (75.0 percent) outings. The under has also hit in six in a row at home, 5-0 in their past five outings at Miller Park against a right-handed starter and 21-7-1 in their past 28 overall vs. RHP. They’re also 6-1 across Brent Suter’s past seven starts overall and 4-1 in Suter’s past five starts againts a team with a losing record. The under has been hitting for St. Louis on a regular basis lately, too, going 4-0-1 across their past five overall, 3-0-1 in their past four vs. LHP and 6-2 across Luke Weaver’s past eight outings.

Biggest OVER run: Giants (12-5-2 past 19 overall)

There have been plenty of runs scored by the Giants, and against the Giants. As such, the over is 12-5-2 over their past 19 games, while going 5-2-1 across their past eight games at AT&T Park in San Francisco. In addition, the over is 7-0-1 in their past eight games against AL West foes while going 9-2-1 in their past 12 against teams with an overall losing mark. As mentioned, Moore has struggled overall this season, but oddly enough the ‘under’ is 7-2-1 over his past 10 starts at home. However, when these Bay Area neighbors get together there are usually plenty of runs, as the ‘over’ is 7-0-1 in the past eight meetings.

Matchup to watch: Rockies vs. Mets

The Mets and Rockies tangle in the middle game of their set with Chris Flexen making his second major league start. He got tuned up for four runs – three earned – and five hits with four walks over just three innings in his debut against the light-hitting Padres in San Diego on Thursday. Now, his second assignment is at Coors Field in Denver, facing a Rockies team averaging 6.29 runs per game, easily the most in the majors. Tyler Chatwood enters with a 6-11 record and 4.78 ERA over 19 starts and one relief appearance, checking in with 62 walks across just 107 1/3 innings, second-most free passes issued in the majors. Wednesday’s game looks like a potential score-fest.

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