BETONLINE REVIEW is a very active sportsbook, offering wagering opportunities on a wide range of events, including those that are preferred by U.S bettors. Plus, there are plenty of ways to save cash, as offers a wealth of special promotions and bonuses. Whether you love wagering on the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB, you’ll find amazing deals that will give your bankroll more clout

OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT AT BETONLINE allows members to easily access all league games with one click and make their betting choices with just another quick click or two. If you’re interested in the props for a specific game just look for the “plus sign” on the right hand corner of the odds table for that game. If there is a plus sign, click on it and all props will be displayed. If you are into props, then is your site. Baseball proposition bets are especially plentiful.

Along with a fine sportsbook, offers horse racing, a casino, and a poker room. The site includes a section of truly unique games, as you can win cash playing skill games such as dominoes, gin rummy, and spades. If you’d like to test-drive a game or two, that’s no a problem, just click on the free play mode and see how it works and how you do. Then get ready to have some fun.

BeOnline, which can also be accessed via your iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other Internet browser-enabled mobile phone, is an online sportsbook that provides the serious bettor with a lot of action on each and every game. With its leaning towards U.S. sports, but selective offerings from other parts of the sports world, this is a site designed for those in the U.S. who love American games, but who, also, would like to engage in new betting opportunities.

Sports Offered

The list of U.S. sports at includes MLB, the NBA, NHL, and NFL. Also, NCAA football and basketball are a major component of this site. You’ll find soccer from around the world, as over a dozen markets are represented, including those located in the U.S., England, Europe, and South America. Quality soccer matches, including World Cup contests, are on-hand.

At, look for the NBA and NFL to be highlighted, as there are special promotions associated with those sports and leagues. You’ll find solid deals on many lines and bonuses that are designed to keep you interested and wagering.

There’s a solid sampling of rugby leagues that may also be bet. Futures are plentiful at this online sportsbook and include golf, hockey, football, and soccer markets. There are also horseracing futures and props, and props for the NBA, MLB, and NFL. The futures market at is one of the most extensive around.

Other sports include the Olympic games, auto racing, and marital arts. Snooker, darts, lacrosse, and softball are also represented on the site. If you’re interested in wagering on new and diverse markets, has just enough to keep the inquisitive sports bettor busy.

Types of Bets

All major sports are offered in traditional straight bets. Thus, you may choose from moneyline or point spread wagers. Hockey games are offered with the moneyline and puckline, while baseball choices include moneyline and runline odds. Totals odds are also available.

All basic lines are listed for one game in an easy-to-read format. Plus, as mentioned earlier, all props, such as halftime betting, individual team scoring, and other stat-associated bets, can be read by simply selecting the plus sign in the right hand corner of the line.

Wager on parlays, teasers, and pleasers. Plus, there are round robin and reverse wagering opportunities. With the parlay on this site, as it is with any book, you’ll have to get every bet right to cash in. To protect your investment, you can buy points with a teaser, which will lessen your risk as with a teaser points are given to each of the teams that you select. The more points you purchase, the less your risk, and the more reduced your payout will be.

You may also protect yourself by going with an if bet. The if bet, which is in play on a two-team parlay, saves you cash due to the fact that if your first wager does not pan out, the second half of the bet is not made, but if it does win, then the second bet has action.

You may protect yourself in another manner with a reverse bet. The reverse bet works in both ways, thus giving you the opportunity to win the bet, and to a degree lose the bet, going both ways. With the reverse wager, if you win one of the bets, you will, basically, lose less than you would if you played a pure parlay. If you hit it, you will also win less. also offers pleasers, which may be used in point spread bets that are on your parlay ticket. Not all online sportsbooks provide members with this type of action. The pleaser is the opposite of the teaser. You’d bet the pleaser on a parlay if you think the teams you choose don’t actually need the points they are being given. With the pleaser, you are basically giving points to the team that you are betting against, putting your choices in greater jeopardy. Because this is the case, pleasers, if they are hit in a parlay, pay off at great rates. They are very tough to cash in on, as handicappers usually know what they are doing with most of the games for which they set odds. offers live betting too. This feature provides sports bettors with the opportunity to wager on games as they are being played. Overall, the action focuses on basic bets, such as spreads, totals, props, etc. It is a solid feature that can be utilized effectively by sports bettors who understand the ebb and flow of specific sports and matchups.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers is offering, for a limited time, a sign up bonus of 25%. This bonus is worth up to $1,000 in free bets. Also, they provide a 25% ongoing reload bonus that is instantly added to your account whenever you make a deposit. This is a lifetime offer.

You can also qualify for a $50 free bet when using their mobile sportsbook and a $25 free bet when utilizing the site’s live betting platform. Both of these offers are separate from each other. You must first make a wager of $50 on the mobile sports book, or make a $25 bet on live betting. If you lose your first wager, you must email the help center, telling them that you lost your first bet. They will check to make sure that is the case. If you did lose your first bet, then a $50 bet will be credited to your account to use on the mobile site and/or a $25 wager will be credited to your account that you can use for live betting.

Their Refer-a-Friend bonus offers members $50 worth of bets. To collect that bonus, a friend must make a minimum deposit of $50 and then roll it over once. You can refer as many people as you’d like.



For those in the U.S., the best methods of deposit are person-to-person money transfers, such as those processed by Western Union, and select international Visa debit cards that may be used for online purchases. Payout options include check and person-to-person money transfers. is dedicated to making sure that withdrawals and deposits are processed quickly and efficiently. They offer a wide range of options for both, and those listed above are but a small sample, but they tend to be the ones that work best for those in the U.S.

Customer Service

Support at is available 24/7 and 365 days a week through their toll free telephone number. You may also email them. The sportsbook is focused on ensuring that their members have a premium experience, problems are addressed quickly, and funds are available for betting or cashing out ASAP.Customer service for is very helpful and the personnel are well trained. It is an extremely convenient service.

Other Things to Know

Although other sportsbooks offer a blog of some sort, the one at is extensive, focusing on each major sport. Known as the Betting Edge, you’ll find an array of sports betting articles focusing on recent games, tournaments, and series. This is a great resource for the sports bettor who wants an insider’s view and a bit of an extra edge.

The site also offers a very good lineup of FAQs for each of its areas, including its sportsbook. These can be especially helpful to those who want to understand how certain features on the website work. There’s also a good video that explains their live betting platform.

Our Verdict is a well-designed sportsbook that is extremely efficient to use. With its focus on U.S. sports and the addition of some European favorites, it is a fine site for Americans. Reduced juice is the name of the game, and they don’t fool around with their bonuses either.

There are a truckload of props for various sports, such as baseball and football. Plus, unlike many sites, they always offer moneyline and point spread odds. There are many different ways to lessen the risk of your parlay and, with pleasers, which tend to be rare to find these days, you can increase your risk and score big.

They do have live betting action, with changing odds as a contest progresses. There are some sites that allow you to bet on just about every action, but most, like, offer live betting for shifting odds on totals, scoring, and final outcomes. Thus, its live betting platform is not as active as some sites, but it is certainly average or a little better than average.

Everything about is nicely thought out and designed. It’s a one-click site, with clearly defined odds and props, and plenty of action. This is a fine site for the serious, as well as the casual, sports bettor.