Poker Tournament Play Tips

Early Tournament Play Your play in the early stages of a tournament should be extremely tight.  Most players think that since the blinds are cheap in the early stages, that this is the time to go in with marginal hands.  NOT SO!  In fact, the opposite is true.  Since the cards are coming so cheap, now is the time to be picky about what your play with.  One particular author I read went as far as to say that he only plays 2 hands in early tournament play, AA and KK.  With both of these hands, he bets hard and does not try to trap.  He would consider playing QQ in certain positions.  While I consider that a bit too tight, it does make my point that early stages you play tight hands.  You want to gain the reputation of a stone cold rock. Hands that I will play in Read More

Poker Tournaments-Online vs. Live

Even if you are exclusively an online poker player, there is still nothing quite like playing live, especially when it comes to tournaments. It can be an exhilarating feeling when you first touch the cards and stack your chips. But there are more differences between live tournaments and online tournaments than just the equipment. Here are a few to keep in mind when you venture out from the safety of your home. Structures One of the most glaring differences you will notice when you try your game in a live tournament is that the structures tend to be much worse than online. To the unsuspecting, it doesnt seem like it at first since live tournaments often have longer blind levels and larger starting chip stacks than their online brethren. But unless you love ultra turbos and playing short-stacked, you will soon realize that your everyday tournament at a casino is Read More

Sit & Go Poker

Why Play Sit & Gos? Sit & Go’s are a great way to earn a consistent profit and to keep your bankroll from the swings of cash games. One of the main reasons why I like sit & go’s is I believe there is a great skill in the strategy of playing sit and go’s. Sure you could be a great cash game player and win consistently but never seem to make the money in a sit & go.  Another reason why I like playing sit and go’s is that it’s tough to go on tilt. Usually if you end up about to tilt you’re knocked out already by a bad beat so you have that important 5-10 minutes to cool down and collect your thoughts.  In a cash game after taking a tough beat you are thrown into a hand within seconds and don’t have time to recoup and Read More

Poker-Playing the River

The river is where fortunes are won and lost in Texas Holdem, and it can be a stressful place in any game of live or online at  All the cards have come out, hopefully you know where you stand, and have at least some idea of where your opponent stands. If you can play the river at least slightly better than your average opponent, you stand a good chance of coming out ahead over the course of your poker play. If not, you could be in for some serious hits to your bankroll. Without the capability to make the right decision on the river, your long-term winning chances are practically non-existent more often than not.  When youre last to act and facing a huge bet, all that remains is to decide whether or not you are going to see your hand to the end. If you have a borderline Read More

Playersonly $5000 Superbowl Freeroll

Playersonly has announced today a fantastic promotion for all poker and sports fans. Place a sports bet on Super Bowl XLV through their sports book and youll receive a FREE seat into a private $5,000 freeroll.  You can make any bet on the superbowl: from betting the Green Bay Packers to win, the over/under, or even the coin flip. Playersonly, like their sister site has a heap of Super bowl prop bets for you to choose from, which will make Superbowl 2011 that much moe entertaining. Win or lose, youll receive a seat into this exclusive event set to take place on Sunday, February 13th at 14:00 (poker lobby time). Playersonly is one of the leading poker rooms on the internet taking US players.  It has amazing software, as well as Customer Support to match, which will assist when you have an enquiry or any problem.  It is highly Read More

On-Line Poker Tournament Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is an important factor in all forms of poker and used by all consistent winners.  This involves balancing the risks taken due to the random dealing of cards by only using a small percentage of your total poker money on any one table. Multi-table tournaments have high riance, making bankroll management an even more important factor in this environment. The reason that multi-table tournaments are considered to have higher natural variance than other forms of poker is due to the p-heavy payout structure. The rewards are potentially very large, however the nature of the games means it is difficult to reach the final tables on a consistent basis. Think of it this way, if you reach the final table just one in 20 times and win 30 times your average buy-in each time then you are a very profitable player however those other 19 times may involve Read More

Playing e Bubble On-line Poker Strategy

The bubble is the stage in an online poker tournament where the last player that must leave the table will go home with nothing while the rest of the players are in the money. If youre playing a Sitn’Go with 10 players the first three usually are getting paid while the fourth place gets nothing. The bubble at a 10-player Sitn Go table takes place with four players. Log on to to win at poker. The passive approach- the bubble you want to avoid elimination so badly because if you go broke you will go home with nothing. Thats why its reasonable not to play any hands, avoid any confrontations and wait until the next player has to leave the tournament. If other players do you this favor you can win money with folding. ut this sounds easier than it is. What if everybody else is also playing Read More

Make the Appropriate Bet in Poker

The other night I found myself in Atlantic City playing Poker.  First, let me tell you that Im strictly an on-line player that plays on and plays mostly multi-table tournament.  But, Im with a friend and we sit do down at a $2/$4 No Limit Holdem table. After settling in for a while, I decide to play one of those speculative hands I like to play in a cash game, queen-jack of hearts.  I scanned the table and notice a raise at the far end of the table. When the action came to me, I asked the dealer, ats the raise? I was quickly stunned when she replied, 4 to go. , I said as I did a double take and looked at the dealer plate. It said, /$4 No Limit Holdem, $400 maximum buy-in. Needless to say, I reluctantly slid that Q-J towards the dealer and into the Read More

Win over $35,000 in cash and prizes at

Who can forget the joys of childhood games, and Snakes and Ladders would have to be one of the most enjoyable of them all.  Playersonly Poker has brought this back in a big way and announced today that they are extending the poker promotion for another month!  During the remainder of December, and through January 2011 you can win over $35,000 in cash and prizes by playing one of the world’s most popular games. So how does it work?  As you play in the Playersonly world class poker room, you earn VIP Points.  These VIP Points will earn you a roll of the dice.  The more you roll, the easier it will be to work your way around the board.  Points are earned anywhere in the Playersonly Poker room – from their ring game tables to tournaments, and even in their casino games. Once you finish the board the instant Read More

The Basics of Seven Card Stud

A session of play with seasoned Seven Card Stud players can leave any beginning poker player running for the Sportsbook, which is much easier to master.  This form of poker is truly a game for the pros, or at least for those that know what they are doing. The ante is the cost to play in the game, and all players must put in the specified amount at the start of each hand. The Third Street deal is the first three cards dealt to each player. One card in each hand is dealt face up and the other two are hidden, ‘hole’ cards.  The player with the lowest exposed card begins play.  The game is then continued and is played clockwise. Fourth Street is now dealt.  That is the fourth card for each player, and it is exposed.  The player with the highest value of the combined exposed cards plays Read More