Bobby C is back!

Yes, the infamous, esoteric , always controversial Sportbook columnist, m>Bobby C is BACK to share with you his academic wit, bawdy humor and unique insight into, welletty much everything .

Within these articles you may enjoin or find much to complain about and therefore Bobby C will be open to your grievances, boasting or otherwise. Just sit back and tell us all your problems/p>

1. We complain because we feel powerless. 2. We complain because its a habit. 3. We complain because we want things our way!!! Feel free to complain, which gives rise to habitual complaining.

Be warned if do you comment, and do not have a decent complaint, Bobby C, has a mean left hook and might just smack you down when least expected.

That said, inside you’ll find new twist on current sporting events, Keynesian Economics, market trends, political uprisings and on occasion, insight into global events as only Bobby C can present. He’ll make you think differently about the world of sports and even your little world. He’ll throw facts in your face and give you a chance to respond with your own fictional and mostly skewed opinions.

Comments will be moderated, please do not link out, keep the language mostly clean however, lack of civility wont be censored or prosecuted. After all, the Internet is supposed to be FREE!In no event shall Sportbook, its subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, suppliers, licensors, agents or others be held liable for the content or opinions expressed within.Laymen terms: Dont like what your reading, stop reading it and dont complain to us about it!