Inside Predictions: Undefeated Clemson to play Syracuse

This Saturday, November 14th, the Syracuse Orange will host the powerhouse Clemson Tigers at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 PM EST and both ABC and ESPN2 will have the live broadcast.

The Clemson Tigers are 6-0 in the ACC and 9-0 overall this season; they are ranked number one in the nation and after their win last week against the Florida State Seminoles they’ve landed a solid grip on the ACC Atlantic Division title. The Tigers aren’t just winning games, they are smashing their opponents in half. The way they shut out the Miami hurricanes was incredible. The Tigers put the finishing touches on that game to win 58-0 against the number 6 ranked Hurricanes.

The Tigers defeated the Seminoles last week 23-13 in Death Valley and after that win Clemson climbed up several slots in the USA Today Coaches Poll. If the Tigers beat the Orange this week they will be one of only 15 college football teams in history to have five straight seasons of 10 or more wins. It looks like the Tigers are looking to make history, and they couldn’t possibly be better positioned to do it.

After Syracuse the Tigers will still see Wake Forest and South Carolina in regular season play. If they can beat them both, which is the most likely thing to occur, Clemson will run out onto the field at the ACC Championship game undefeated.

Syracuse is 1-4 in the ACC and 3-6 overall. The Orange has seen better days. They are in the midst of a six game losing streak, and the Tigers won’t be ready to give them the win they so desperately need. After the Orange’s game against Clemson they will still have to face NC State and Boston College, I think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing much of Syracuse after the regular season.

Syracuse clearly is not where they would want to be right now and they are in the middle of a moral dilemma that should be a clear cut case. Their star quarterback and true-freshman Eric Dungey has suffered two concussions in the last month and probably suffered his third last week against Louisville. Anyone who has a hair of respect for the human condition would bench Dungey for the rest of the season. With concussions and brain injuries the cons far outweigh the pros.

The concerning element in Syracuse’s quarterback situation is head coach Scott Shafer doesn’t seem to realize just how important it is for his players not to get concussed. After Dungey had his first two concussions he was being played with 4.5 minutes left on the clock and the Orange was losing by 31 points. It’s truly a shame that Dungey endured his injury in garbage time.

My Prediction: I don’t really think any sane person would expect the Orange to win in this bout. I think it is quite clear that the Tiger will win, the question is by how much? I say Clemson wins by four touchdowns. Furthermore I say they do it cleanly and swiftly, this will not be a fourth quarter game, this will not be a game that is decided in the last few seconds of the match, but by a field goal or Hail Mary Touchdown. No, this game will be all but over by halftime. Clemson goes 10-0.

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