Inside Predictions: Nebraska Cornhuskers host undefeated Michigan State

This Saturday November 7th, the #6 Michigan State Spartans will play the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Tom Osborne Field at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kickoff is at 8:00 PM EST and ESPN and ESPN2 will have the live broadcast.

It is clear in this matchup who the better team is. The Spartans have not lost a game all season, and they have come across some serious teams so far. #7 Oregon, Purdue and #12 Michigan are just a few of the strong teams the Spartans have defeated. Michigan State will be entering this game well-rested coming off their bye week, so we can expect an even stronger team than we have seen to date.

Nebraska is on the other side of the spectrum. They have only won three games this season and those wins were not exactly against the strongest opponents possible. The once-mighty Cornhuskers have lost more games than they have won since the beginning of the season back in September, and they are fresh off back to back losses at Northwestern and Purdue. The Huskers are 3-6 and 1-4 in the Big Ten.

Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst has found himself in quite an uncomfortable situation: Last year, after seven great years with Bo Pelini at the helm for the Huskers, Eichorst fired him. Pelini routinely produced solid teams for Nebraska but was perhaps fired unjustly. Eichorst said, “We weren’t good enough in the games that mattered. I didn’t see that changing at the end of the day. I’ve seen people spend a lot of money and not do a lot of winning. We’re going to get it right. Money will not be an issue. Nebraska has everything it needs to be successful at the highest level.”

With the way the Cornhuskers are performing this year I am sure Eichorst would have been much happier had he not fired Pelini, but hey, hindsight is 20/20. What we do know for sure is that Pelini’s replacement Mike Riley, has his days on Nebraska’s payroll numbered.

If Michigan State can secure four more wins and win the Big Ten Championship game on December 5th they are a shoe in for the four-team playoff. The Spartans could –however- afford to lose to Nebraska and still make the playoff. It would be a late loss and, although, it isn’t written anywhere a late loss could hurt you more than an early one… with the way they have been playing, their case for the playoff should be fairly loud.

The student-athletes at Michigan will be playing in memory of Eric Allen, who died last week. Allen set an NCAA record with 350 rushing yards in a Michigan State game against Purdue in 1971. He was later selected to play wide receiver for the then Baltimore Colts. He chose to play in the Canadian Football League instead and signed with the Toronto Argonauts. Allen was a very influential player for the Spartans and his loss will certainly fuel some extra special play in this week’s game.

My Prediction: Well, I think it goes without saying that Michigan will win this one. By how much? I say they hit the field set out to properly trounce the Huskers and they completely follow through. Michigan wins by 20 or more points.

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