Inside Look: Top 5 Michigan State Players heading to the NFL

The Michigan State Spartans are having a phenomenal season and several players on the squad will probably find bright futures in the NFL. With great coaches teaching them the ropes and surrounded by real talent, most of these players have everything they need to excel. Let’s take a look at the top ten likely candidates.

First we have Jack Conklin. This 21 year old left tackle almost missed the draft due to a knee injury and he has come real close to re-injury. He is now well and good, and we expect he will be drafted high in the first round. He plays decisively and knows exactly where to be and when. Conklin missed an important sack earlier this season but one can hardly wash away all his accomplishments because of one botched play.

Quarterback Connor Cook has been great all season. He is arguably the best quarterback in the nation at this point. He works well on his feet and through the air he is spot on. Early on in the season he may have been criticized for not keeping calm in blitz situations. Truth is he may not have even seen them coming as he was not particularly great at reading the play. But, in recent weeks he has shown a huge improvement in the blitz and seeing as how that was the one thing he really needed to hammer out to really rise to elite status, I’d say he’s there. We can surely expect good things from him in the future.

While football is a team sport, sometimes key players can make all the difference. Defensive end Shilique Calhoun is one of these players. In their game against Indiana Shilique landed a perfect sack in the fourth quarter that gave the Spartans what they needed to secure their win. He is a little light for a DE but his speed and ability to read the game more than make up for his weight.

Center Jack Allen sustained an ankle injury but it won’t keep him out for long, he should be back in play in the next few weeks. His lack of presence was felt and seen on the field last week. He is a great center guard who can hold his own against the best. Once he is back to form we should all keep an eye on him. Not only does he play the game well but he makes it look so easy.

Wide Receiver Aaron Burbridge can fish almost any ball out of the air. He’s got some issues, that will probably keep him from being drafted on Day One, but he will surely be picked in the next few days. He need to work on his speed and separation, after that he is golden.

With a roster like this one it’s no mystery that Michigan State are undefeated this season. These are just the cream of the crop for the Spartans, and they’ve been producing great football week after week. There is a very high chance we will see this team at the four-team playoff, and if we do, these lads chances of NFL stardom will almost be set in stone. They also have the added benefit of playing on a pro-style offensive team. That will certainly bump them up in the draft, no doubt.

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