Inside Review: Notre Dame Fighting Irish Season Recap

The Fighting Irish are doing what they do best: Football; they have only lost one game so far this season. The Clemson Tigers smudged what would have been a perfect start… No matter! The Irish are playing some of the best college football in the nation right now.

Notre Dame kicked off their season with a great win over the Longhorns at home. They went on to beat the Virginia Cavaliers, Georgia Tech and UMass as well. The Irish were 4-0 when they set their sights on the Clemson Tigers. Both teams were aching for the win but the Tigers scraped by to beat the Irish by only 2 points.

After Notre Dame’s defeat on the road at Clemson, they bounced right back and blasted Navy out of the water in a great game. The Irish won by 17 points.

In last week’s game the Vicious Leprechauns took on the USC Trojans. The game started out in favor of the Trojans, USC gained first possession and lit up the scoreboard in no time. The sold out crowd in South Bend was speechless and watched on in despair. The Irish, cool, calm and collected put their game to work and slowly started their comeback. Before too long Notre Dame was on top and the crowd had their backs filling their sails with huge gusts of wind. DeShone Kizer, quarterback for Notre Dame completed 15 of 24 passes without a single interception, gained 227 yards and scored two touchdowns. Not bad at all.

Running back C. J. Prosise was phenomenal for the Irish against USC. It was like watching a freight train barreling down the field. He obliterated everything in his way on every carry. He would be blasting full speed ahead and then suddenly, changing course in what almost looked superhuman, he would psych out his opponents and leave them floundering on the field. He was incendiary! Prosise gained 143 yards through 19 carries and scored two touchdowns.

The Trojans defense is not a rag-tag bunch of half-wits. On the contrary, many are All-American, others are all-conference, and all of them are powerful and well-trained defending machines. It was truly incredible to see Prosise get past so many of them. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing him in the NFL in a couple of years.

Left guard Alex Bars was a casualty of war. He suffered a fractured left ankle in the USC game and will be out for the rest of the season. This comes as a blow to the Irish who have already lost another starter to injury. Head coach Brian Kelly said that Bars’ injury was: “very similar to [quarterback] Malik Zaire’s,” Kelly was making reference to the Fighting Irish’s starting quarterback broke his ankle in their Week 2 win at Virginia.

Still on the agenda for the season the Temple Owls, the Pittsburgh Panthers, the Daemon Deacons from Wake Forest, the Boston College Eagles and the Stanford Cardinal. Perhaps the most challenging of the upcoming games will be the Boston College game, as well as the Stanford match. Both are road games for the Irish and both pose a real threat to their playoff aspirations.

If the Irish can keep their injuries to a minimum, not lose any more players and keep up the intensity they have been playing with, we’ll be seeing them in the playoffs… for sure!

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