Inside Predictions: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Indiana Hoosiers

The number-one ranked Ohio State Buckeyes are going on the road to tackle the Indiana Hoosiers. Memorial Stadium in Bloomington Indiana, will see the scheduled kickoff at 3:30 PM Eastern Time, on Saturday October 3rd.

Both teams are 4-0 but Ohio is the clear favorite. The Buckeyes are on a 20 game winning streak over Indiana and have a 71-12-5 record overall. Those numbers are incredible and only in possible in the NCAA because of the often-times, unleveled playing field. Regardless this will be a good game to watch.

Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld is very excited about this game. He is also a great quarterback; he will definitely add some spice to the game. He recently said in an interview, “We expected to be where we are. We don’t want to make Ohio State more than they are. Obviously, when you come to Indiana, you don’t come here just to play the nonconference games. You come here to play the Big Ten games. You want to play the best there is, and right now Ohio State is the best there is. We’re excited about this opportunity.” That says a lot about Sudfeld. He’ll be going places for sure. He has had a lot to do with their current record, and will no doubt continue to improve it.

In a game between these two team a few years ago, I think it was 2012. I remember everyone was expecting the Buckeyes to win, and very easily, I might add. Sure enough they won, but it wasn’t the fact that they won that mattered, it was HOW they actually won. The Hoosiers had Sudfeld throwing for them, he was great in that game.

The Buckeyes were up by like 3 or 4 touchdowns, the game was theirs they fully could have kept on pummeling the Hoosiers, but they didn’t. Seeing the defense come out later on in the game it started to seem like I was watching a different team altogether. They weren’t playing hard, they weren’t playing well; it was as if they just suddenly stopped caring. Weird. Very weird. I’d never seen anything like it. The defense gave up so much that the Hoosiers were able to come back to almost tie the game. Sure the Buckeyes won but if there was ever a place on this planet that I wouldn’t want to be. It would have been the Ohio State locker room after that game. Those players must have had the SMACK laid down on them by their coach, Urban Meyer.

Luckily for us now, here in 2015, the Buckeyes seem to have worked out that kink in their chain. They are looking solid and way tough. It certainly is easy to see why they are the first ranked team. Needless to say, the Buckeyes will surely be a team to follow this season, and Sudfeld from Indiana as well. 

My Prediction: Ohio wins hands down. The Hoosiers put up an excellent fight, they battle to the very end, but their defense just can’t keep up and they end up losing in their backyard. The Buckeyes cover their -21 point spread too. It won’t be a particularly difficult game for Ohio but nevertheless they will have to play hard and not let up. Assuming they do that, they will be unstoppable.

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