Inside Predictions: Minnesota and Nebraska; the Rivalry Continues

This Saturday, October 17 at 3:30 PM EST, we’ll have a Big Ten bash. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will take to the road to tackle the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The game will be held at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and with both teams already down at least one game in Big Ten play, you can be sure we’ll see claws and fangs on the field in this one, as these two desperately need a victory in the conference.

This is one of the longest living rivalries in college football. Beginning with their first meeting in November of 1900, these two teams have really had it out for each other. The Gophers had their share of the glory early on. They won most of the games from 1900 to 1960. But it’s been a different story the last 50 years or so, the Cornhuskers have come out on top in 16 of the last 18 games. That being said, the Gophers did -in fact- win the last two games. Is it time for a new era of the Golden Gophers? Let’s take a look and see.

So far this season the Cornhuskers have lost to BYU, Miami, Illinois and Wisconsin, but they had good showings against both Southern Miss and South Alabama, which they beat 48-9. Unfortunately for the Huskers, this is probably NOT the start they were gearing up for. Nebraska has had solid seasons in the not too distant past. It’s hard to say what has happened this year but they just aren’t playing as the cohesive team they have been well known for. A win here would not turn their season around, however it would do wonders for the moral of their team, and is not too far out of the question.

To explain Nebraska’s less-than-excellent start, some may point to the fact that the coaching staff is all brand new. Head coach Mike Riley, offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf and defensive coordinator Mark Banker, are all in their first year with the team. I don’t necessarily think that a first year coaching staff necessarily spells doom for an otherwise solid team, but, I will say that if the new coaching staff can’t get through to the team right away, it will probably be a season or two before they start on their upward swing. This may not be the year the Huskers make it to Big Ten Championship game but they are not completely out of the running.

Minnesota is playing quite well this season: they have beat Colorado State, Kent State, Ohio and Purdue. The Golden Gophers are a giant wrecking ball of awesomeness at the moment, and they will take this opportunity against the Huskers to prove just that. Nebraska will retaliate. The Huskers would have loved to have their star running back Ameer Abdullah still among them, alas he has moved on to bigger and somewhat greener fields with the Detroit Lions. Now, they will have to rely on the strong throwing arm of quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr.-

My Prediction: The Cornhuskers, a bit overwhelmed by the huge crowd in Minneapolis, get off to a rough start and are down two touchdowns by halftime. After a quick halftime regroup, the game continues. Underdog Minnesota wins and Nebraska is forced to stare at their -10 point advantage in utter disbelief.

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