Inside Look: The Undefeated, in College Football

Most teams win games, lose games and tie games. That’s the nature of the sport. It is –only- an impressive team that can make it six or seven weeks into a season, without giving up even one game. Sure, some teams are blessed with lucky schedules, giving them an advantage at the start, but, by now ALL teams have played some top tier opponents. The teams that follow are, so far, and for the purpose of our article: this year’s crème de la crème.

We have a great crop of undefeated teams at the moment…

This list will undoubtedly get smaller and smaller, but for now, we can safely say we have 14 rock solid squads, and they are: Ohio State, Baylor, TCU, Utah, Clemson, LSU, Michigan State, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Toledo, Huston, Temple and Memphis.

Ohio State has defeated powerful teams this season. They came out victorious against Penn State last week in in front of more than 108,000 fans. The Buckeyes beat the Nittany Lions 38-10.

Backup quarterback for the Buckeyes J.T. Barrett has been seeing a considerable amount of play. Some are speculating that he will soon replace starter Cardale Jones. If this shift occurs, Barrett would be back in the saddle as a starting quarterback once more. Ohio will have this all sorted soon, simply because their two most challenging games will be coming up in a few weeks, when they play Michigan and then Michigan State.

Baylor has done real well this season, while avoiding the REALLY tough teams. The Bears have yet to face off against Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and the Horned Frogs of TCU. Baylor is playing a real powerful and smart game. I think they could go all the way this year. We will have to wait and see how they do against other teams their own size.

TCU is in a similar situation as Baylor. The only difference is that the Horned Frogs have already played a few hard teams. Nevertheless, they still have to enter the arena and do battle with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Baylor.

The Utah Utes?! No one could have seen this coming. The Utes came out of nowhere and took this season by storm. They beat hugely powerful schools and did it with poise, and excellent technique. So far they have defeated Michigan, Oregon and California to remain undefeated themselves. Furthermore, the Utes are in luck; they have an easy rest of the season. With the exception of UCLA late November, they should have an incredible seasonal run. The playoffs will soon be making way for the Utes! 

LSU beat undefeated Florida last week; the Tigers are now stronger than ever! They will –however- have to take on Alabama, Ole Miss and Texas A&M before the regular season is through. If they can keep up their solid play, then they will be set for glory by the end of the season.

Michigan State has barely been holding on to their undefeated title this season. It was almost knocked off two weeks ago, then, they narrowly escaped a loss to Rutgers, and last week, they came even closer to ending their winning streak when they played Purdue. The Spartans came away on top, but the scoreboard that read 24-21 at the end of game proved that it was a well fought match.

Michigan State still has to play Ohio State and Iowa, both undefeated as of now. If they can keep both of those battle hardened teams at bay, they’ll make the playoffs. They might even be able to make it without losing a single game!

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