Inside Look: Recap of College Football Week 4

The Michigan Wolverines deserve ALL the limelight for Week 4 recap… let us start by stating that clearly. It’s a funny thing about coaches. The normal ones take a couple years to settle into the team and then start making progress. The exceptional ones hit the team like a tornado and completely remaster whatever is placed in front of them. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, is an exceptional coach.

With this new mastermind coach at the helm, the team looks different. Their offense is still very similar, but stronger. The real difference resides in their new defense. Before, when coaches Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke were heading the team, the defense was alright, but not as aggressive. Now they are actually doing honor to their mascot. They look like wild wolverines out there. I don’t know how he’s done it, but Harbaugh has transformed this team.

Michigan has averaged 244.3 rushing yards per game in its three game winning streak, and a blowout 31-0 victory for the wolverines says whatever they are doing, it’s working. They are getting better by the week. This new team has the potential to go to the playoffs, and they will do some major damage on their way there.

The Florida Gators had a great game. Sure they were behind a bunch, but star Florida quarterback Will Grier, made two awesome back-to-back touchdown drives late in the fourth quarter that saw the Gators take the win. Bummer for the Tennessee Volunteers, after losing this one they will hard pressed for a win this season.

The West Virginia Mountaineers had a nice solid game. They beat Maryland 45-6. Although it was non-conference, the win still speaks loudly to the Mountaineers as contenders for the Big 12 Conference. West Virginia’s defense looked stellar. They were able to deny the Maryland quarterback 22 of his 36 pass attempts. That’s some killer!

Oklahoma State came out victorious over Texas. It all came down to special teams and Texas blew it, once again! This week it was a screw-up on a snap to punt. They handed the ball over and Oklahoma State followed through on a winning field goal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you are on special teams, you’re SPECIAL!! You have to complete your task 100% of the time; and if you fail, you should be booted, it’s as easy as that.

The Indiana Hoosiers beat Wake Forest to go 4-0. This win has inched them closer to reaching bowl eligibility, as they only need two wins in Big Ten play to qualify.

The Blue Devils from Duke are interesting. They beat #20 Georgia Tech 34-20 last week. If I were writing this a few seasons ago they would not have even popped up on my radar. But, within the last couple of years, head coach David Cutcliffe has worked wonders for this team. He has completely turned them around. What used to be a subpar team has now moved to, shall I say it, an actual Atlantic Coast Conference contender.

Colorado State Buffaloes beat Nicholls State last week. Nothing much will come of this win. The Buffaloes probably won’t do very well at all in the Pac-12 Conference South Division. Nevertheless, a win is good, and their record is not bad, 3-1. Maybe if a few years we can see something a bit better from them.

Thank you for your read. Make sure to keep up with us on all matters NCAAF-relevant. Until Next One!

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