Inside Look: Ohio State Bobcats Overview

The East Division of the Mid-America Conference is home to seven great teams, and from them, the Bowling Green Falcons, the Buffalo Bulls and the UMass Minutemenare worthy of mention. All these are quite good, but, in what concerns this very season, it’s the Ohio State Bobcats that have caught my attention. They have played each game with exceptional poise. Not overly-stressing themselves when it hasn’t been merited, and pushing every last cell on the field as far as possible, when they have needed to.

Ohio has a well-seasoned coaching staff made up of head coach Frank Solich, his offensive coordinator Tim Albin and their defensive coordinator Jimmy Burrow. All three coaches have been with the team for at least 10 years and Solich has been there for 11. A good coaching staff is the cornerstone of any successful team, and the Bobcats can truthfully say they have one.

The Bobcats started their season against the Idaho Vandals. Winning the game 45-28, Ohio was off to a good start. The game was not particularly hard for Ohio. No one got injured, they didn’t really look to terribly pressured at all during the game. It was an easy win and they were happy to take it.

Then Ohio went on to tackle the Marshall Thundering Herd. Another victory set the Bobcats on the straight and narrow. 21-10 was the outcome and it came as sweet victory for Ohio, looking to settle the score from the last season in which the Herd had beat them 44-14. Although the Bobcats didn’t win by quite as large a point margin, the win was well taken and deserved. Both teams played real well during the game. Ohio’s offense was not able to connect in the first half but their defense did an outstanding job not allowing the Herd to gain any territory. In the second half, Devon Johnson, running back for the Herd broke through and scored a 73 yard touchdown. This certainly lit some fires for the Bobcats who stormed back to life. They proceeded to follow through and make a 19-play, 85-yard touchdown drive. The game was well played and the best team won.

An easy win against Southern Louisiana followed by a loss to Minnesota, led the Bobcats to game day against the Akron Zips.

Ohio State went into this game on top of a seven year winning streak against the Zips. In years prior the games had been easier, Ohio had won with far less effort, but this year it would be different… this year, the Bobcats marched onto field, started their opponents in the face and had a proper battle. No one team looked like they were willing to lose. No one could score. Offenses were looking great on both sides but the defenses were insurmountable. Robert Stein, kicker for Akron took first blood by scoring a 40 yard field goal. The Zips were looking like they were going to win, especially after downing an Ohio punt at their own 27 yard line. But the good work done by Quentin Poling in sacking the Zip quarterback turned the game around. The Bobcats were able to score and Stein even made another field goal, this time from 41 yards out. Ohio won the game 14-12

The Bobcats will be taking on Western Michigan this weekend and then moving on to play Buffalo. Perhaps their most interesting game will be in November when they play Kent State. That will be a game to watch for sure!

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