Inside Look: Maryland Terrapins to Fire Head Coach

Randy Edsall is in his fifth year as head coach at Maryland. He was the head coach at the University of Connecticut from 1999 until 2011. He holds the record for most games won as a head football coach in the state of Connecticut, and with the Terps he has an overall record of 22-33. Surely not one of the highest paid coaches but, at a little over $2 million per year, he is also NOT underpaid.

The Terrapins are 2-3 this season and 0-1 in the Big Ten. This comes as hard news to swallow from such a historically good team. Perhaps the hardest defeats were at home to unranked Bowling Green and then to Michigan. The loss to the Wolverines had to have been real tough. It was at home with loads of Wolverines fans in the stands and they lost 0-28. Ouch!

The Terrapins are heading into a bye week after this week’s game against #1 Ohio State. Maryland has said that after this game, “barring an unexpected last-minute reversal.” the school would “part ways with Edsall”. Other sources have said that the school intends to fire Edsall, but, they haven’t disclosed any dates.

A coach is a very important element of a winning team, and it may not be that his coaching is not working, it may be the case that he’s lost the respect for his team. A few nights before Maryland’s game against Michigan, the players held a players-only meeting, Edsall was not invited and was purposefully kept out of the loop. When he was asked about the meeting in an interview he was forced to admit he knew nothing about the meeting. This speaks volumes about his relationship with his team. If his team members want to meet and want for him specifically not to be there, there can’t be very much trust, or appreciation for him coming from his team.

According to a source who had attended the meeting, the purpose was to discuss tackling Michigan for the pride the players have in their team. Not to save Edsall’s job. It becomes quite apparent that Edsall’s job isn’t even on the line anymore.

The university has mentioned that Mike Locksley, the offensive coordinator, would be the interim head coach in Edsall’s absence. This move is far from good for the Terps. Locksley has loads of coaching experience but a horrid record. Other than Maryland, he has coached at New Mexico, Illinois, Florida, Army, Navy Prep, and Towson State, but his record as head coach is an atrocious 2-26. So some good news for the Terps would be that the administration has their eyes on a new, better, head coach and can bring him in real soon, otherwise they might just be trading something bad for something worse.

This move won’t come cheap to Maryland either. Edsall had originally signed a six year deal that went through 2017, however, last June he signed a three year extension. The school has said that when they fire Edsall they, “will have to pay him for the remainder of this season and an additional $2.6 million: $2.1 million for next year’s salary and a half-million buyout.” Not really an inexpensive move, but if the school is up for it and it’s in the best interest of the program, it really would be a good move.

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