Inside Look: Iowa Hawkeyes from season’s beginning to date

The Iowa Hawkeyes are off to a fantastic start, so good in fact, that they have not had a start this good since 2009. They are 5-0 after beating #2 Illinois State, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, North Texas and #19 Wisconsin. It being head coach Kirk Ferentz’s 17th year on the job, he has seen his share of ups and downs, I am sure he is quite happy with the job they are currently doing.

Iowa’s quarterback C.J. Beathard finally got the chance he was looking for. As a starter for the Hawkeyes he has been spectacular. So far this season he has passed for 1,039 yards with a 64% success rate, he’s thrown 7 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions. As if that wasn’t enough, Beathard also rushed for 221 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. He is currently one of Iowa’s biggest threats on the field, and with just cause.

The Hawkeyes offense is boosted even more with the presence of running back Jordan Canzeri. He has already rushed for 441 yards this season and scored 8 touchdowns. If he can keep this up he will be a real threat to any and all oppositions.

The passing game that Iowa is producing is definitely above average. Wide receiver Matt VandeBerg is nothing short of amazing. So far, he has been targeted 30% of the time and has an incredible success rate of 79.5% on the catch. With those stats it’s easy to see how he has ripped into 31 catches and for 300 yards and even scored a touchdown.

A solid team, as we all know, is comprised of a stellar offense to get the points on the board, but also a killer defense, to smash down to opposition. Iowa certainly has both, their defense is just as good, and shows just as much promise as their offense.

Iowa’s defensive back Desmond King, has caught five interceptions for his team and he was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, during last week for his outstanding performance against Wisconsin. He made 5 solo tackles and 9 with help. He broke up two important passes and made two interceptions; this guy’s going places.

The Hawkeyes have three defensive team members that grew up playing 8-man football. Yes, that’s right 8 players not 11. Why is that you might ask? Because they come from Howells, Nebraska, a very small town with a population of a mere 552, they just don’t have the number to play 11-men. Sure at the start they were mocked, “You feeling a bit crowded“. But once the team got know them and see what they were all about, it’s been more than smooth sailing for the small town trio.

Nathan Bazata, Drew Ott and Nate Meier, are the small town boys that have left it all out on the field for their team. Bazata plays tackle, Ott and Meier play defensive end and all of them are starters. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said “I think that’s probably pretty rare, especially at one position. You couldn’t do that on purpose, quite frankly. I don’t know how it happened, but we’re certainly glad that it did. All three guys have done a really good job.”

The Hawkeyes are making huge plays happen every week. They are a team to keep an eye on, and a team to watch out for. I can see big things coming from them this season.

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