Bookmaker Review Online Sportsbook Review is a popular online sports betting site that offers an array of sports, including those that are popular in the United States, and others from around the world. For sports bettors, is a site that offers solid lines, many different wagering opportunities, and various highly competitive promotions. Along with the book, the online gambling provider has an active casino, a poker room, and a horsebook.

In terms of access, offers each sport and every type of bet on one page of its book. Bettors may access specific sports, odds, bets, and games by simply selecting the appropriate boxes. Bets are made on the next page and then, on the third page funded. Finally they are confirmed. The one through four-step process is clearly defined and efficient. is clearly laid out, and the online format makes it easy for you to review the odds that you’re most interested in, including various props. When you wager, you’re able to choose either the amount you’re willing to risk, which, once provided, will tell you how much you may win, or how much you’d like to win, which, once input, will then tell you how much you must bet to win the amount you desire. Also, you may easily switch, via a pull down menu, from straight bets to parlays to if bets, or to another type of wager. This aspect of the site is very convenient.

Sports Offered is somewhere in the middle of sports betting websites in terms of the variety of sports it offers. They certainly cover all of the basics for bettors in the United States, and then some. MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA lines are all present, as are those for NCAA football and basketball.

If you are an avid soccer bettor, this is a great site for you, as close to 60 markets are represented. There’s no end to the soccer action, including World Cup, England FA Cup, and every prominent league, such as English Premier League, Argentina Primera Division, France – Ligue 1, Germany – Bundesliga 1, Italy – Serie A, Spain – La Liga, and USA – MLS. Additionally, offers all major European, Central American, and South American leagues.

Cricket, rugby, cycling, and surfing are all available to bet, as is NASCAR and Formula 1 racing. Boxing, UFC, and MMA are also on-hand. Rounding out the offerings are Australian Rules football, horseracing specials, and various exotics, such props on elections, TV competitions, and other events.

Sports bettors can easily choose one or more sports to view simultaneously, and they can also decide to review odds on various types of wagers at the same time, making the comparison and contrast of possible games apparent. One of the hallmarks of is its bold simplicity. It’s as if you’re viewing a malleable and changeable paper betting slip. It’s easy on the eyes and on the mind.

One exceptionally handy tool on this site is the tab they offer for stats. When sports bettors are viewing odds on a game, they can click the stats tab to the right of the line to get a wealth of information on each team concerning matchups. This page, which pops up under the odds, offers a range of information, such as team stats, recent performance numbers, a list of injured players, and how the two teams have performed according to various betting scenarios. This is a great feature for those who want to do a quick review of each team prior to making a pick.

Types of Bets offers sports bettors clearly outlined bet slips and easy access to games and to specific types of wagers. Straight bets include moneyline, point spread, and totals. Plus, you’ll also find runline odds for baseball games, and the puckline for hockey contests. On certain hockey games you can choose two-way or three-way betting. Three-way betting covers the tie in hockey in regular season games that can occur after overtime and prior to the shootout. .

If you like to play parlays, Bookmarker provides bettors with the opportunity to bet on anywhere from three to 10 teams or selections at a time. The site does not allow a two-team parlay, which is the easiest to hit. So, if you like the two-team version, you can’t play it at Parlays are allowed on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA match-ups. also offers teasers on from three to 10 selections. These may be played on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA basketball match-ups.

Sports bettors may also place if bets and reverse wagers, as well as betting on half totals, team totals, and other such props. There are also alternative odds bets, where gives two or more choices on odds, such as different point spreads for a specific contest.

If you are interested in live betting, then may be the site of your dreams. With their live betting interface, sports bettors can wager on game events as the contest progresses. Live betting is offered on a full range of sports, including baseball, hockey, soccer, football, and basketball. Many televised games are available, as sports bettors can often wager on a dozen or more games a day.

With’s live betting interface, odds are updated minute-by-minute as the game progresses. Play-by-play betting action is provided on a variety of props such as next player to score, yards gained on the next play, what the next play will be, and much more. Bet just seconds before the play goes off. gives sports bettors a lot of chances to make cash on the types of bets that they prefer to play. Whether you enjoy straight wagers, parlays and props, or the live betting scene, you won’t be disappointed by the choices that you’ll find at this site.

Bonuses, VIP, Special Offers

Promotions are numerous at and change at various times. Current offers include a 15% Welcome Bonus where new members can receive up to $2,500. A minimum deposit of $300 is required to earn this bonus, and the bonus money must be used on wagers. There is a four-time rollover of funds required before cash associated with the bonus money may be withdrawn. To receive the 15% Welcome Bonus, new players must enter a promotion code upon making their initial deposit. By the way, you can also receive a 50% bonus for any first deposit that does not exceed $300.

All members qualify for reload bonuses, which may be either 10% or 15%. How large of a reload bonus you receive depends upon the level of your play. The minimum reload amount is $100 and funds must rollover three times prior to any withdrawal being allowed.’s Early Bird Tuesday and Early Bird Wednesday bonuses provide members with an extra 20% on deposits of $50 or more. There is a five-time rollover before members may withdraw funds associated with the bonus amount. They will also cover any fees for deposits of $300 or more.

Start recruiting new members for the sportsbook with’s new Refer-A-friend program. Current members can receive up to $50 on their friends’ initial deposit. The minimum deposit required is $100 and the maximum stands at $500. has no limit on this promotion, and that means that you can refer as many friends as you’d like. Also, you’ll continue to receive bonuses every time one of your friends makes a deposit. The sportsbook makes it easy for you to track your bonuses, which may be used only for wagering purposes.

The VIP club at offers special deals and rewards based on how much one bets. The BetPoints program carries with it many different types of rewards. You’ll find three reward levels for which members can qualify. These are Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The more you bet, the more BetPoints you’ll earn. You can cash in your points to get more cash with which to wager, to purchase merchandise, or to acquire frequent flyer miles, as well as selecting other types of prizes and premiums.

Banking offers numerous deposit options. For those in the United States, special online purchase, international Visa debit cards, and wire transfer options are the most popular. Accounts may be funded online or by working with a customer service representative over the site’s toll free telephone number. Withdrawals may be implemented using Neteller, wire transfer, or a bank draft. Most transactions carry fees and are facilitated within 7 to 15 business days.

Customer Service customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They offer live help through interactive chat and via their toll-free telephone number. Once you sign up, a representative will call you with a special promotional offer. tends to be active in this manner and will often contact members via the telephone with special promotions.

Other Things to Know offers a highly interactive sportsbook, especially as far as live play betting is concerned. Although live betting is obviously a highlight at this online book, they also provide ample opportunities for those wanting to play standard online betting slips. Members of may also enjoy mobile betting.

Promotions are extensive for those who make numerous deposits. The sportsbook tends to run large promotions with big awards and major incentives designed to get members to bet on certain matchups.

Minimum deposits are $100 whether they are made online or over the phone. The site does have fees for almost all types of withdrawals. Fees are assessed on a sliding scale that increases with the amount a member is withdrawing.

Our Verdict, which has been in existence for more than two decades, is a premium provider of sports betting services. Well known for special promotions and member rewards, the online book makes betting very simple. Slips are easy to understand and read, a special pull down menu allows you to quickly access parlays, if bets, and other such wagers, and matchups are just one click away through the “stats” link posted for every game.

The live betting interface works smoothly and seamlessly. This sportsbook excels at offering live betting opportunities where members can wager on every play just before it happens. The number of live bet games offered on weekends is massive, and there are numerous live events listed everyday. is a trustworthy, nicely designed, and active online sports book that also offers poker, casino games, and horseracing. The online site focuses on providing solid lines, extra value through promotions, and topnotch customer service. If you are looking for an online bookmaking site that makes sports betting easy and pleasurable, is the one for which you are looking. Check it out if you have not done so already.

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