Timberwolves post injury prevention tips video filled with injured players

Hey, here are the Minnesota Timberwolves telling you how strength and conditioning are good for your health!

“Good strength and conditioning can protect you from serious injury,” says the Timberwolf. Just a few vissues with this video, which went up Tuesday …

Kevin Martin has been out since November after wrist surgery:


Gorgui Dieng is nursing a sprained ankle:


Nikola Pekovic has been out since the beginning of the month with wrist and ankle injuries and Ricky Rubio’s still out indefinitely after spraining his ankle:


Such is the nature of sponsorship. The Wolves have a deal with the Mayo Clinic, so they have to post these videos, and they clearly filmed this one in preseason so they could use it later. A bad stroke of luck made for an odd presentation, as Wolves fans quickly and unanimously pointed out:


Oh well. Take your own advice, I guess, Wolves. Strength and conditioning!

(h/t @thefirsthak)

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