Manchester United fans to auction off David Moyes ‘Chosen one’ banner for charity

How much is too much to buy something for the sake of lighting it on fire?

Do you think David Moyes was Manchester United’s “Chosen One”? Do you just want to light the idea of that on fire? Good news!

“The Chosen One” banner that hung at Old Trafford while Moyes was the Red Devils’ boss will be going up for auction.

The United fans who made the banner are ready to auction it off for charity, according to the Telegraph. Seeing as the banner has been sitting in an Old Trafford storage room since the club sacked Moyes less than a year into his tenure, charity is probably a better use of it.

“The Chosen One banner is still in a storage room at Old Trafford,” said Andrew Kilduff of fans’ group Stretford End Flags. “United have actually told us that he needs collecting as it belongs to us, but we just haven’t got round to it yet.

Originally, the supporters proposed giving the banner to the National Football Museum, where it could live forever as a reminder of the Red Devils’ seventh place finish and Moyes’ never-changing expression of confusion, but the museum hasn’t yet accepted their offer. Charity is probably better anyway.

The banner cost £450 to make, and the fans raised that money with no problem. They said they had never raised money for a banner quicker than they did for the Moyes one.

Maybe they will quickly raise money again, this time to jointly buy it and use it in lieu of firewood.

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