Louis van Gaal really likes English food so Manchester United are probably doomed

Can you trust the decision making of someone who thinks English food is fantastic?

Pretty much everyone agrees that the English do a terrible job with food. That is everyone except for Louis van Gaal, who we just learned is going to ruin Manchester United

“English life is fantastic because I have met only friendly people on the streets and in the restaurants where I come,” Van Gaal said.

“The food is fantastic because when I came to England everybody said the food is not good, but it is fantastic. Also, the wine list is fantastic.”

The wine list would explain his thoughts on the food. Still, you can’t trust a man who swears by English food.

Manchester United may be third in the Premier League now, but now that we know the truth about van Gaal, that can’t last. They will probably finish 21st.

“My favorite food is Chinese food, and the restaurant is Wing’s,” van Gaal went on to say.

Let’s see what they say about Wing’s on Yelp.


Looks good, until you realize an English four stars is two stars anywhere else.

Get your parachutes ready, Red Devils.

HT The Telegraph

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