Cowboys safety vows revenge on Golden Tate

The Cowboys haven’t forgotten a nasty hit Tate delivered on one of their teammates more two years ago.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate is a marked man in Dallas. The Cowboys haven’t forgotten about Tate’s crackback block on Sean Lee back in 2012 game between Dallas and Seattle, back when Tate was with the Seahawks. Cowboys safety Barry Church vowed revenge on Tate when the Lions visit Dallas for this weekend’s Wild Card game.

Church talked about the incident during a Wednesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas:

“That was the dirtiest shot I’ve ever seen.”

“We were talking about it on the way back from Washington, me and Sean. He was just like, ‘Man, I wish I could play so bad in this game just to give a little payback for what he did in Seattle.’ Obviously he can’t play, but we’re definitely going to keep our radar out for [Tate] because that was a dirty shot. We’re looking forward to seeing him. We’ll definitely get him back after that, but it will be within the rules, within the rules.”

Lee hasn’t been on the field for the Cowboys all season after tearing his ACL in the spring.

Refs didn’t throw a flag at the time, but the NFL later hit him with a $21,000 fine. Tate stood by the hit, claiming that he did not hit Lee in the head. Here’s another look at it.

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