Brett Myers sings country songs about kegerators now

His first single is called “Kegerator” and it’s about a kegerator.

You might remember Brett Myers as a reliever. You might remember him as a starter. You might remember him as the dude who was a little too into a practical joke in which Kyle Kendrick thinks his life has been utterly devastated. Or you might remember him as someone who allegedly punched his wife outside a bar.

Now you can remember him as a country singer who sings songs about his henpecking wife complaining about a drinking problem before he gets a sweet, sweet kegerator on Craigslist.

The music isn’t bad! Not bad at all. Errs toward the side of classic country instead of the neo-Poison that somehow gets confused for country now, complained the Californian guy who listens to NPR. The lyrics are silly, but I think that’s the point.

Brett Myers sings country songs about kegerators now. That’s a sentence you just read. This is the kind of stuff that makes us all look forward to future Mad Libs sentences just like it. Richie Sexson makes movies about robot crickets now. Chris Snelling writes laws for the Parliament of Australia now. Try it! It’s fun.

Hat-tip: Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk

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