New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Two teams coming off of disappointing seasons prep for their 2012 NFL seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets meet on Thursday.  The Eagles are -4.5 point favorites over the Jets with an over/under point total set at 37.

The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to prove that last season was an aberration as the 2012 regular season nears. With Michael Vick dinged up Mike Kafka and Nick Foles are on alert. LeSean McCoy has quickly become one of the better backs in the NFL but Dion Lewis looks like a perfect backup and Bryce Brown has a ton of natural talent. The Eagles have added some nice depth to their receiveing corps with Demaris Johnson, Mardy Gilyard, and Marvin McNutt. Defensively the Eagles are a better team than they were a year ago adding tackling machine DeMeco Ryans and adding depth all over the unit. In tis one we won’t see much of the starters but this roster is full of interchangeable parts who can all play.

The New York Jets have yet to score an offensive touchdown this preseason and if they were trying to quiet things down they haven’t done a very good job of it. Mark Sanchez is blaming receivers and Tim Tebow has made some bad decisions but simply the Jets aren’t a good team. Joe McKinght has developed into an all-around versatile player but the Jets are lacking stars at receiver to make up for their inadequate QB play. Defensively the Jets can only hope that Quinton Couples doesn’t turn into another defensive bust draft pick that has set this organization back. LaRon Landry is new in the secondary but he is questionable at best in coverage.

Like the rest of the preseason games this weekend we won’t see much of the starters or the quality depth but this is one of the few NFL games this week I will make a real call on as the Eagles are just miles ahead of the Jets who are in for a long year.


Philadelphia Eagles -4.5 New York Jets

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