Dallas Cowboys Preview

Overview: The Dallas Cowboys haven’t been a playoff team for some time now and despite being one of the most popular teams in all of sports they haven’t lived up to their reputation and with Jerry Jones owning the team, it will be interesting to see how much longer he waits for Jason Garrett to be the coach that takes them to the next level.

Offense: Tony Romo is a great QB if you are a fantasy football coach which doesn’t always translate to success in actual football. Romo puts up great numbers but a lot of that happens because the Cowboys are behind often so they need to throw. In Romo’s defense, he hasn’t had a team where he isn’t missing a huge piece of the offense in seemingly forever. Jason Witten is still Romo’s favorite target but he is aging and the Cowboys haven’t had a lot of success in even finding a challenger to replace him. Dez Bryant has the ability to be a top five or 10 receiver in the NFL but he needs to stay healthy and Austin Miles hasn’t really duplicated what he did in his first year. I really liked the addition of Danny Coale in the draft and he might turn into that reliable good hands guy that always seems to be open they seem to have been missing. DeMarco Murray looked to be the answer for the running game until he was sidelined by an injury but if he looks anything like what we saw from him last year he is a big upgrade and it also allows Felix Jones to return to his third down and situational role where he is most effective The offensive line has been patchwork for years and this year’s version looks to be a little better than what we have seen but there are still some big holes.

Defense: DeMarcus Ware is going to be in the Hall of Fame someday and he may go down as the most dominating pass rusher ever but the rest of the defense may have troubles once again. The Cowboys traded up in the draft to take Morris Claiborne and while many applauded the move I don’t agree with them and I see him as being added to the disappointing play of the Cowboys secondary we have come to know as while Claiborne is a solid athlete he comes from a loaded team playing against over matched completion and in reality a far better situation than he finds here; maybe he proves me wrong. The Cowboys know they needed help at defensive end but they didn’t really get it in the draft and Tyrone Crawford is more of a project than a contributor. Anthony Spencer has never really done much and Dallas can only hope Kyle Wilber is further along than he should be. The Cowboys signed the steady Dan Connor but he isn’t listed as the start at ILB on the depth chart. The defense looks to be a unit that isn’t quite playoff ready.

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