I was hanging out across the lake with my friend Henry.  Hes a Steelers guy.  I know this because it says so on the metal Pittsburgh Steelers street sign that he nailed to the side of his shed.  I also know, because he keeps telling me every five minutes that hes a life-long fan.

Henry has converted a small garage behind his house into any guys dream den with all the standard guy necessities: A beer stocked refrigerator, satellite TV, walls plastered with posters of girls holding power tools, shelves with rows of collectable beer cans, and lots of taxidermy.  It has a large barn door that opens, so that you can sit and watch the sun go down over the lake while the game is on.  The openness allows the South Florida breeze to heighten my buzz.  However, this place is also filled with lots of yellow and black stuff,which for me is a buzz kill.

Of course, Henry has been talking non-stop about the Super Bowl every time were hanging out.  I wanted them to lose for the past two weeks, so hed stop running his mouth.  Oh how I prayed!

Henry thinks the Steelers vast advantage in Super Bowl experience will be enough for them to win – Makes sense.  How wrapped up in the spectacle will Green Bays players be at kick-off?  I think this game is decided in the first 7 minutes.  Packers either keep their nerves in check or lose.

For me however, the most interesting story of this years Super Bowl happened four years ago when the Green Bay Packers organization began reaching a decision about what to do with their two talented quarterbacks.  Its a dream situation for most teams, but at the time, it must have seemed closer to a nightmare for the organization.  The Pack was sitting on a talented kid that both their coaches and players sensed were going to be great, but if they didnt start playing him, he was going to leave.  Keeping the young quarterback, and allowing him to start, would ensure the franchise a gifted player through the next decade, but at the cost of losing a legendary icon quarterback with a few years of magic left in him.

Imagine being the guy in Green Bay with final say on this.  How would you like to be the person making that decision?  How would you like explaining your logic to the fans?  How do you break the news to your Hall-of-Fame veteran if you let him go?  Can you live with yourself if you allow the young player to get away and he becomes everything you thought he could be, and more?  And what if youre wrong?  Thats why they pay those guys the big bucks.

It must have been an extraordinarily tough decision at the time, but in hindsight, the very obvious choice for the Pack was to keep the young Aaron Rogers.  Aside from Bretts hurt feelings, and Green Bay having to endure a couple years of watching their former starter winning big games for another team while their young quarterback worked his way along the learning curve, it was probably was a no-lose situation for the Packers.

Henry cant pronounce the word Roethlisberger.  Last week, sitting by the lake watching the Steelers vs. Ravens playoff game, he called him Ratlinsberger, Rothensberger, Rogenzberger, Roshinberger, and oddly enough, David Lee Roth after the 5th of Makers Mark was consumed.

I suspect that he may not be a Steeler fan, although he passionately denies it, and will sling names around such as Bradshaw, Steel Curtain, and Lynn Swann, just to prove it.   My main piece of evidence is solid:  Suspiciously, Henry has no clue who Cordell Stewart was.   Hmmmmm.  I may be onto something.

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