Patriots Vs New York Jets

The hottest bet on today is on the Patriots  to beat the spread against the New York Jets. The  Jets, who are currently 12-5 will be facing the Patriots in Foxboro field, the Pats own field, the commercially branded Gillette Stadium.

<h1>Rex Ryan VS Bill Belichick</h1>

During a recent press conference, Ryan told the press that th teams are very even. He went on to say that the game was more a battle of wits between he and Belichick.

Pompousness aside, let us not forget Ryan that the Patriots are just coming off of what was hopefully a very relaxing, and stress free bye week.

<h1>Are the Patriots and the Jets Equally Matched? </h1>

During the very same press conference, Rex told the press that both teams were pretty much equal, the assistant coaches were equal. Everyones equally matched up here in the eyes of Rex Ryan.

Well, those Pats just might not feel the same way. The series may be split each team having won one of two games against the other, but, the Pats quite recently handed the Jets their asses and are no doubt fueled by a bit of confidence from the win.

Patriots to win for sure, thats my pick. Will they beat the spread though? Thats the real question isnt it? is right now offering Patriots -8.5. I do believe they will, and therefore, my monies on the Pats to win, by 9+.

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