When will the NFL do something about the hideous Packer uniforms?  They look as if they were designed by a color-blind lumberjack with a severe concussion.

And since Ive got you thinking about woodsmen, how long has it been since you read one of those Berenstain Bears children books?  Its a series featuring a family of Grizzly Bears: Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister and later in the series, when ratings began sagging and the two siblings ceased being cute, a new born baby girl bear came into the picture.  Papa Bear cut down trees to make furniture for the house, and wore a flannel shirt with overalls.  Judging from his outfits, and his corncob pipe routine, I could easily see him picking yellow and green for team colors.

When my kids where younger, I spent many nights reading books to them.  Sometimes the books are really well thought out.  The Berenstain Bears books are not.

Heres the lowdownPapa Bears a lumberjack and the family lives inside a knotted old tree sporting Victorian windows.  The first thing that bothers me about this series of books are the cliché kid behavior and morality lessons that each book has – such as not eating junk food, playing fair, or lying.  I dont want my kids learning about the evils of sugar from a bunch of honey addicted cartoon characters.  How about a lesson about not breaking into homes (bee hives) and stealing food.  Miraculously, the Bears never get stung.

The second thing is the strange discrepancy of the technology levels that these upright walking Bears have.  The inside of the Bears tree house is 1880s western settler heavy on the wood and giant nails.  There are no electrical appliances or plastic things.  However, the Bears have a car, drive to a modern shopping mall, and frequent their family doctors clinic, which features an x-ray machine.  Wtf?

In the Berenstain Bear world, the sciences and industries that create household technology are lagging 100 years behind everything else.  It is bizarre world in which a Laura Ingles Wilder heroine could churn butter by the fireplace all day, before driving her convertible sports car across town to shop at Bed Bath & Conestoga.  Of course, shed get eaten by one of the giant Grizzlies working at BB&C.  A bear is a bear, after all.  Even if his name-tag says Dylan – Team Member.

The Chicago Bears should put an image of a mad Papa Berenstain Bear on their helmet.   That lame ecal on there may have seemed like a brilliant design idea way back when, but Chicago needs an image of a cool predator on their helmet like the Jaguars, Lions, and Seahawks have.  But not too cool.  This is Chicago a city that likes to pretend that its down to earth.

An angry Papa Bear with a couple of crossed axes is what Im seeing.

They will need that ferocious Bear image when they play host to their division foes for a shot at the Superbowl.  The Packers will not be intimidated by the Chicago weather, nor the Bears.  I have a hunch that this weeks Aaron Rogers performance might be one to remember.  I hope it snows, and despite the fact that I will have to endure another week of looking at those ugly uniforms in the Superbowl, I believe the Packers will win by a touchdown.

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