There are moments in life, in which we sit back and say, cant believe that just happened and Im so lucky to have just experienced it. Last night, for example, I said something like that after seeing my wife dressed up in bed as the Esurance girl. Not bragging, mind you, just giving an example :/

This weekend, there are four possible moments in which we could collectively sit back and say that. It is for great moments like these that we watch sports, and I shop at Hustler Hollywood.

NY Jets at New England Patriots
Whats with the Jets taking shots at Brady? The Patriots smacked them around a couple weeks back, and now, with the daunting task of trying to defeat a team on the road that has enjoyed an additional week to get healthy, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and coach Rex Ryan are verbally agitating a team that is already a rival, into a state of mind that is dangerous.

At some point late in the fourth quarter, you may find yourself saying, w, I have never in my life seen an ass kicking this nasty. I should turn off the TV because this is starting to make me nauseous.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears
This might be the year in which you witness the only sub-500 team in history (except for the NHL where everybody makes the playoffs) go on a run and win a championship. Seattle could very well accomplish this. Especially with Matt Hasselbeck now forgetting how to turn the ball over.

At some point late in this one, you may find yourself uttering, ll, Ill be a USC illegal benefits donor! This crappy team from Seattle is gonna go all the way!

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
ett Who? Thats all youll be saying before halftime. About an hour later, youll be checking TMZ for leged photos of Aaron Rogers genitals. But it wont happen thats not how Aaron rolls.

BTW, I knew Brett Favre was finished when I watched those Wrangler Jeans commercials. You know the ones Bretts parked his pick-up truck in some meadow, and hes playing a game of football with a bunch of blue jean models dressed up like agriculture enthusiasts. Ever notice the throw he makes to his buddy over the middle who dives for the ball? Bretts crappy toss lays the poor guy out and exposes his body to a potential hit. Thats how you get your teammates ribs broken. The commercial would be much more interesting if they were all sitting around taking pictures of their privates and sending them to the hot check-out girls working at the local Walmart. Until then, Im gonna stick to Levis.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburg Steelers
This is going to be fun. In fact, this could be one of the great games of all time. Two division rivals at the top of their games, slugging it out in cold snowy weather. Baltimore is on a mission now. They have found their talisman in the form of Ed Reeds tragic family death, and its all the edge they need.

With less than a minute to go, with your eyes popping out of your head as Ray Lewis hits Ben Roethlisberger so hard his helmet cracks, you may very well shout s All About The U.

So, does anybody know where I can get a Miami Hurricanes cheerleader outfit for my wife?

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