Chicago Bears Vs. Seattle Seahawks

One of the top bets reported by this week is the Bears VS Seattle at Soldier Field.

It seems the betting majority is betting on the Seahawks -2.5. Never having been a follower, Ill be putting my money on the Bears.

How Bout Dem Bears Anyway?

The Bears have a better defense, hands down.  Defensively speaking, the Bears are giving up an average of 17.9 wins per game.

Face it, its defense that wins championships. Not to mention the fact that Urlacker is playin better than weve ever seen him play before.

It is true that the Seahawks upset New Orleans last week. New Orleans? Were talking football here. New Orleans is nothing but an overhyped, overrated mediocre team.

On the Other Hand p>

We have seen the Seahawks trample the Bears, looking back to week 6 when the Seachickens sacked Cutler six times in one game for a win, they proved they do have it in them. The question is, will they bring it to the game?

My pick for this game is the Bears to beat the 2.5.

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