2011 NFL Playoffs – Ravens vs. Steelers

Get ready for a bloodbath! The Playoff game between the Ravens and the Steelers promises to be action packed, violent, and not for the weak at heart.

This Saturday punters will be deciding who to bet on in the match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, two very closely matched teams.

These two rivaling teams will face each other at Pittsburgh on Heinz Field.  The home team is considered to have the advantage in this game.

Odds makers at Sportsbook.com have given the Ravens a 3 point advantage in this game.

Stealers are Well Rested for Play Off Match

The Stealers are coming off of a bye week, as a top seed team. On the other side of the field, Roethlisbergers fingers are already gleaming with the shine of two super bowl rings.

Watch out Teams, Here Comes Flacco

The X factor in this match-up though might just be Joe Flacco. Since Flaccos been with the Ravens, hes 2 in 5 against the Stealers. Thats something were not hearing to much about in current predictions for this game.

At current, Flacco is zip in five against Big Ben Roesthlisberger.  Which also doesnt leave me feeling real confident when it comes to betting on the Ravens.

How can Baltimore be 2 in 5 when theyre QB is zero in five you ask? When they won the two games they did win against the Stealers Charlie Batch was leading the team.

Looking at Flacco a bit closer, hes got a turnover in every single game against the Stealers, including 4 simple fumbles, and 7 interceptions. The mans been sacked 24 times during Baltimore Vs Ravens games.

Flacco might just be the best player on the Stealers team.

So one remaining question remains, will we see Aaron Smith on the field? Honestly, the team is good without him, very good, great in fact. With Smith however, the stealers are simply unstoppable.

Either way, My monies on the Stealers.

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