Obama looks terrified of Chinese president Hu.  I bet they frame this picture in Beijing, and give it a position of prominence in every Chinese textbook.  Wouldnt it make a nice Gong-bi painting?  As much as it sums up a bad situation, my current mental state, best described as blind euphoria, leads me to the following alternative interpretation of this moment in history

Chinese President Hu has just called Barracks homer bluff, and asked him if hed care to ke things interesting by wagering a few billion on the Packers Bears game.  The Homer-in-Chief, Barrack Obama has been running his mouth all week, prognosticating that his hometown team will win by 3.

Looks like B.O. doesnt want to put his (our) billions where his mouth is.  Or maybe he just cant come up with the cash. :(

Booby C Sportbook Comentator

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