Who Will Win the Big Ten?

The Big Ten title race is very interesting this year, and is getting a lot of attention at Sportsbook.  Incidentally, it isn’t likely to end with a single winner.  Unless an upset is pulled off somewhere, it is likely to be a three way tie atop the conference.  The team with the highest ranking in the BCS will get the automatic berth into a BCS game, but as far as the league title goes, it will be a tie.

The main reason for this is that two of the contenders, Michigan State and Ohio State, do not play one another this season.  That really throws the proverbial monkey wrench into the works.  The other two contending teams are Iowa and Wisconsin.  Wisconsin beat Ohio State, but lost to Michigan State.  Michigan State beat Wisconsin, but lost to Iowa.  However, Iowa lost to Wisconsin.  As it currently stands, Michigan State and Wisconsin seem like locks to be a part of this three way tie.  The other team will come down to the winner of the Ohio State versus Iowa game, where the Hawkeyes will be the home team.

If an upset does happen along the way, then things change completely.  The team most likely to be upset is probably the Badgers, only because they have to visit Michigan and that offense can pull off an upset any given week if their defense has an unusually good day.  Wisconsin also has the top position in the BCS currently, despite having worse odds of winning the BCS Championship than Ohio State, so if they win out they will likely get the automatic bid.  However, barring something unforeseen, at best they will have to settle for sharing the Big Ten title.

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