Week 16, a Gimmie? Or .. not so much.

Some of you NFL football bettors may be looking at this weeks match ups and salivating like a rabid wolf over a dear carcass. But hold on to your wallets this is 2010 and the favorable match ups have been anything but reliable. Last year you could have parlayed New Orleans and Indianapolis all the way to the promise land as they only lost 4 games between them and covered the spread most every week. This year everyone seems to be playing down to the competition and the underdogs have bitten often, and bitten hard.

This week on Thursday Carolina visits Pittsburgh, Saturday Dallas is at Arizona, Sunday New England is in Buffalo, Baltimore is in Cleveland, Indy is in Oakland, San Diego is in Cincinnati, and Sunday night Minnesota travels to Philadelphia. All Romps right?

The Ravens and Colts are 3 point favorites, Dallas, New England, and San Diego 7 pointers, and Pittsburgh and Philly are 14 point favorites. They should all beat their opponents by at least 20 but look for the underdogs to bear their teeth and bite again.

Parlay all 6 dogs? That’s a risky move but two or three could pay big. Sure 14 points could and should happen in both those games but that’s just a lot of points to give up and most times these spreads just do not get covered. Plus both these teams have nothing to prove they just need to win, not kill, to lock up a playoff spot.
Now you look at the 3 pointers and your thinking boy did they get theses wrong, a couple of gimmies here. Beware as Oakland still has a playoff dream and Cleveland somehow always manages to give Baltimore fits.

If there’s any locks in these games I like the 7 pointers. Dallas and San Diego. New England absolutely should be but this one just bothers me, I don’t know why. It feels the same as that Cleveland week a while ago.

So if I have to play my lock money on these games I’ll go with Dallas (They’re just playing well and AZ is not) and San Diego (They still need to kill in an attempt to take the AFC West Title)

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