The Basics of Seven Card Stud

A session of play with seasoned Seven Card Stud players can leave any beginning poker player running for the Sportsbook, which is much easier to master.  This form of poker is truly a game for the pros, or at least for those that know what they are doing.

The ante is the cost to play in the game, and all players must put in the specified amount at the start of each hand. The Third Street deal is the first three cards dealt to each player. One card in each hand is dealt face up and the other two are hidden, ‘hole’ cards.  The player with the lowest exposed card begins play.  The game is then continued and is played clockwise.

Fourth Street is now dealt.  That is the fourth card for each player, and it is exposed.  The player with the highest value of the combined exposed cards plays first.  He either checks or bets, and everyone else then takes a turn placing bets or checking.  Fifth Street is now dealt, which is the fifth card and is dealt exposed.  The first player to bet has the highest value combination of all three exposed cards.  He checks or bets, then all players follow in turn.

This continues through Sixth Street, an exposed card, and Seventh Street, another ‘hole’ card.  The Showdown follows if there are two or more players left.  The Showdown is where the winner is finally determined for the round; now and then there are two winners, who will then split the pot.

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