Tennessee Vs Indianapolis

Indianapolis is coming off a 3 game losing streak and the Payton Manning we are used to seeing seems to have disappeared. They have a big game coming up against a tough group of Tennessee Titans, who have come off a 5 game losing streak. The big difference in this game is the Titans are playing for their honor to save an almost lost season while the Colts are trying to find their rhythm again after being beaten 3 times straight.

The Titans, although coming in with a losing season, have more than a fighting chance to beat the Colts, while the Colts are still trying to find the reason for the bad plays they’ve been showing. Payton Manning throwing 10+ interceptions in the last 3 games. Even with the Titans being the underdog in this game i see them kicking the horse while its still down. The Titans have the lowest points scored against them in the division with a staggering 235 showing that their defense can hold up against the still tough Colts offense.

I don’t see this one being a high scoring game seeing as both teams are coming off losing streaks and both having the defensive capability to stop the other teams offense. The turning factor in this game could be the turnover ratio, if the Titans can keep that pressure on Payton and keep him making the same mistakes he has been making, than the Titans have a great chance to come away with this win.

I  would put my money on the Tennessee Titans winning this one even with the fact they are the underdogs. This is a big divisional game for the Colts but I see them sliding down their slippery slope they have been sliding down on, and the Titans have the chance to take an advantage of that. This should be a low scoring game, im saying the Titans win 17-10.

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