Packers vs Lions

Packers are coming off of a win against the San Francisco 49ers, where they not only won they beat the niners out 34-16, they came  off that win with Rodgers throwing 298 yards and the new running back Starks running for 73 yards.

It really seems to me that  the Packers have found their new running game to help them make it to the post-season. The Lions on the other hand are coming off a 5 game losing streak, with their last game being against the Chicago Bears. They only lost by 4 points to the Bears and if you remember correctly the Bears beat the Packers earlier this season.

So, if you are a gambling man I would say put some money on the Lions and you could receive a huge payout that has a chance of happening. This really depends on if the Lions defense can show up against Rodgers seemingly unstoppable passing game. Not only does Rodgers have the throwing power he has more than enough targets to throw too. From Driver to Jennings to Jones to Nelson the names could go on all day.

So if you want a pretty dead on bet i would go with the Packers who have the ability to easily cover not only the spread, but you could maybe even count on them going on the Over bet as well. This game is not a long shot to end up over 40 points. Both teams have a pretty high scoring capability it all depends if the Green Bay Packers defense is playing at their best.

The Packers have the highest points scored for in the division with 303 points while surprisingly the Lions have the second highest with 278 points scored. The one for sure bet i could place is that this game will be a high scoring game that will easily break that over 47 points total. The other good bet would be that the Packers take the game, unless you want to take a gamble that has the chance to pay off you could go with the Lions.

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