North Carolina vs Tennessee

In a clash of the ACC vs the SEC, we have a bowl match up of North Carolina and Tennessee. These two teams have not had the kind of seasons that they hoped for, but they squeezed out just enough wins to make a bowl game. This is the kind of game that you are going to mostly find just the hard core fans and the fans of both schools watching. That is to say that it is not a game that is gaining a lot of attention from the national press.

Anytime there is any football game on, there are betting chances. This game is currently carrying a line that favors North Carolina in this one by one point. That is to say that it is difficult to determine who the real favorite in this game really is. The bookmakers have North Carolina as the favorite, but with such a close line, there is action on both sides of this one. As the educated gambler, you want to make sure that you are looking for any edge that you can find in this game. With this one, you might consider betting on North Carolina. Even though they are only a one point favorite, they probably should be favored by much more. The reason is not because of the greatest of this team, but because of the lackluster season that Tennessee has had. They are limping into this bowl game, and there is not much hope that they will come out explosive in this one.

If you don’t want to bet on a team in this close contest, you might consider betting the over/under line on this one. Currently, that line is set at 50.5 points. That is about 25 points per team. That is a lot of points for these two weak teams to score. It is more likely that they will not reach that many points. It is a wise idea to bet the under on this line and try to score big on two lower scoring teams. You might consider betting heavy on the under line and putting a little insurance on North Carolina.

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