Newcastle United vs. Manchester City

This game will be  interesting and if you want to bet on it, then you must analyze each teams recent form carefully.

Newcastle have 22 points and they are 8th in the English League. Two weeks ago they had to switch their coach because they played very badly. With the former coach, Newcastle lost 3 and tied 2 from their last 5 matches. During these games they only scored 3 goals and got 9! However with the new coach, they seem quite different. On their very last match, against Liverpool, Newcastle players did not give any chance to the opposite team and they have won 3-1. If they could continue to play like that, then they are going to win for sure.

Manchester City have 32 points and they are 3rd in the league. During their last 5 games they were successful, because they have won 3, lost 1 and tied 1. On these matches they scored 10 goals and got 5. So their defenders and forwards are both in really good form. However on their last match, against Everton, they did not played well and they lost 1-2. In my point of view, the main problem was that Manchester City players did not play as a team. If their coach could solve this problem, then they have a chance to beat Newcastle.

According to the odds on (Newcastle victory: 3.10; tie: 3.20; Manchester City victory: 2.25.), Manchester City have a bigger chance to win this game. But I think that Newcastle will win because they are the home team and they rarely lose a match at home. Also their new coach finally found the ideal tactic that actually works for them. On the other hand, Manchester Citys tactic is predictable and out of date.
My tip would be 3-1 to Newcastle!

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