New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

This is the Blow Out of the week right? I’m not so sure to bet on it though!

Yes New England is one of the hottest teams in the league right now, they are locked into the playoffs, and one more win secures home field advantage throughout, and Buffalo meantime has won what 3 games this year? The question is will the Patriots be up for this game. You would think with the #1 seed on the line it’d be enough incentive for them to destroy the Bills, but this could be somewhat of trap game for them.

They’re coming off a very close and tough game against the Packers that they almost lost as Arron Rogers watched from the sideline. Backup Qb Matt Flynn had he his way against the Pats D once again raising question about that young defense. They’re also looking at Miami coming to town next week if they happen to need that game in order to secure that #1 position. Both Buffalo and Miami obviously know the Patriots well since they play each other twice every year. Even though New England has pretty much owned them both over past decade they have lost games to them.

The odds makers must agree with me somewhat setting the line at only 7 1/2. I was expecting something more like 9, 10 or even 14. They have the Over/Under at 44 which I think makes for a tough choice. If the Patriots do go flat the game should go under but if they come out hot they just might go over all by themselves.
Remember the Bills almost won the week 3 meeting, although New England looked nothing then like they do now. I’m hesitant to take the Patriots in this one and everything in my soul says to go with Buffalo, but every time I have listened to this little demon inside me they’ve been blown out.

Because of that I will take New England giving up the 7 1/2 and parlay that with the over 44. If the spread did come out at 9 or 10 I think I’d be doing the exact opposite.

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