Looking back at Week 15

The head coach of the New York Giants Tom Coughlin was livid at his punter and had reason to be but he should be more upset with the fact the Giants defense gave up 28 points in the fourth quarter. Hey coach Coughlin if you need to be angry you better look at the defense. The Giants dominated for three quarters but… there are four quarters in a game of NFL Football and as any sports punter knows,  you have to play all four of them.

The Eagles have basically been winning because the teams they play against quit mid-game. They’re also  winning because they play 11 men. Think on this if the Giants would have played their 11 defensive men they would be on top but all the Giants accomplished was to make it harder on themselves.

The Eagles came back from 21 points down in the final 7 minutes this week against the Giants. Scored 28 unanswered, including a game winning punt return TD with no time left in regulation.

Now the Giants failed but the New York Jets are the kings in the big apple. The Jets came into today’s game against the Pittsburgh Stealers on a sputter and looked as if the Jets were going to crash land but they decided to play defense and win keeping their playoff hopes alive and melting the Stealers who could lose their division and lose out on post season action.

Meanwhile the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos and have scored in the two meetings with the Broncos a combines 98 points. The Raiders who are 7-7 have not lost to any team in their division in the AFC west but losing outside their division. The Oakland Raiders may not make the post season by way of San Diego and Kansas City having better overall records but a good season so far overall.

The Atlanta Falcons defeated the Seattle Seahawks to continue dominance and keep the Rams in first place in the NFC West. Howie Long said he wanted to see the Falcons play a quality team but Mr Long like his Chevy support are wrong. The Falcons are the best all around team.

They run, they pound they control the clock and the defense is better. The Falcons have defeated good teams this year and loss to good teams like the Stealers but have beaten Super Bowl picked Ravens.

Atlanta to face the Saints and Panthers in the next two games both are at Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. Now the San Francisco 49ers could win the wild wild NFC west but must win out. Next week the 49ers will play the St Louis Rams and Seattle plays Tampa Bay if Rams and Seattle lose the 49ers will be atop the NFC west and will make the playoffs but they have to defeat the rams first.

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