Kansas State VS Syracuse

The Kansas State vs Syracuse contest is a game between two high powered teams that is looking just about even on paper.

As it turns out, the betting line on this game is perfectly even. This means that the odds makers do not have a favorite to win this game. You are simply picking the winner of this game if you are to bet on it. There is no line to bet against.

If you are not someone who wants to bet on a game that is looking to be so even, then you might consider betting on the over/under of this game. Currently the line for that is 47.5 points. This means that it equates to about 24 point per team. That is right about in line with the amount of points per game that these teams have been putting up throughout the season.

This kind of high attention game is one of the hardest for a better to get behind. It is so difficult to figure out exactly which team will win. It is better to just sit at home and flip a coin on this one. Where you might consider laying some action is on that over/under line. Although the line is sitting at about even markets for what the teams have been doing throughout the season, you have to remember that this is a bowl game, not the regular season. You are going to find that many teams play a bit more nervous in a bowl game. Many teams are not willing to take as many chances early in the game in a bowl game. You might want to select the under on this game for a winning bet. If you are interested in placing a bet on the team, then you might go with Syracuse in this one.

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