Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans

If your looking for a game to bet the Underdog this one looks really good.

Kansas City in 1st place in the AFC West currently holding the #3 seed in the playoffs. However the San Diego Chargers are right on their tail and can take over the spot by finishing the season with the same record. This means the young Chiefs could be feeling the pressure.

San Diego is playing two games everyone expects them to win this week as well as next week thus making this game a must win for the Chiefs. Added Pressure!

The Chiefs also must face the Oakland Raiders next week which will be an epic battle no matter what the outcome is this week. Pile on the pressure having to win two tough games in a row. Add in the fact that the Raiders with a loss this week vs Indy would also be out of the race with only the enjoyment of knocking the Chiefs out of the playoffs left to play for. The same motivation Tennessee has this week. This is a whole lot of pressure for a young team!

Kansas City is at home as a 5 1/2 point favorite and the Over/Under is 42 1/2.

I don’t have any compelling facts such as key injuries, great vs bad offense or defense, nor superstar standouts or coaching staffs from either team to base my decision on. I simply see a solid and relatively healthy Titans team going up against a solid young team who just might be…Oh did I mention Feeling The PRESSURE!

I Feel this is a great opportunity to take the underdog on the Money Line. The Money Line is where you chose a team to win straight up, no points. With a low spread the money line starts at +/-110. The favorite will be -110 meaning a wager of $110 on the favorite would win $100 (plus your initial $100 investment returned). At +5 1/2 the underdog should be somewhere between +130 to +150 meaning you will win that amount on a $100 bet. I like the added bonus of doing a Money Line Parlay and would combine the Over with the Money Line as both these teams have the fire power to score 3 touchdowns in this game.

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