Horse Racing in North America

Horse racing in North America differs from such events held in some other parts of the world.  Yes, the horses still race and bets can still be placed, but the types of bets placed in America compared to Europe can be different.  It is worth keeping that in mind if you fancy a wager while on holiday in the U.S.  Check out the differences before you gamble is good advice.

The styles of the races are also different and the length of the courses can vary greatly.  The race courses have no jumps and the track itself is oval.  Horse racing in America is all about the speed and the stamina of the horse rather than its skill at jumping over hurdles and fences as in many parts of the world.  These flat courses have a dirt, synthetic or grass surface, varying in length between 5 furlongs and 1.5 miles.

There are two types of race, handicap and conditions races.  The conditions races have the biggest prize money and are the ones that most owners love to win for the prestige that comes with victory.  The handicap races judge a horse’s ability before the start and add weight to the saddle of the best horses accordingly, the idea being that this will produce a closer finish.

The Triple Crown is the highlight of the horse racing social calendar and is comprised of three events, The Preakness Stakes, The Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby.  The Breeder’s Cup, which is also held annually but at differing locations, is another very popular horse racing event.

Betting on horses in North America is regulated and sanctioned by the individual state governments. 

It is now possible to place bets online with reputable companies as well as to bet at the course on race day.

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