Going into Week 16 – Looking at the Playoff Schedule

So far what do we know about the NFL playoffs? Very little. What is known thus far is that the Atlanta Falcons have a spot in the post season. The Falcons if they defeat the Seattle Seahawks for all calculations will win their division and receive a bi-week in the first round with the Baltimore Ravens defeating the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions defeating the Buccaneers put a lot of space between the Falcons and the other teams but if the Atlanta Falcons do not win then they have to wait another week.

The Indianapolis Colts take down division rival Jacksonville Jaguars and at this time if the playoffs happened today Jville would be out and the Colts in so we may still have Payton Manning in the post season.

The St Louis Rams had the chance to lay claim to being the kings of Missouri but as they say “Show Me” it was the Kansas City Chiefs to keep a top the AFC West and no doubt put the pressure on the San Diego Chargers. Now the Rams can still make the post season but it looks like it will come down to the final week when they face the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. The Jets are playing to keep pace for a post season play but need help while the Steelers are targeting that bye week and the New York Jets still have a shot at their division but it would take a complete break down of the New England Patriots.

Now for one of the most despicable displays of defense we’ve seen thus far we’ll take a look at the  New York Giants. The Giants gave I mean gave the Philadelphia Eagles an early Christmas present, a win. Now the Eagles have sept the division series and looks like will win the NFC East but the Giants are not out of the play off picture yet,  but in my opinion they do not deserve to make it.  Now however, thanks only to the choke job done by the Giants defense they can win their way in. No matter how good Eli is the New York Giants win Super Bowls by their defense, not their offence.

As we come to the final weeks of the regular NFL season it is guaranteed to be tight and some playoff picture may be settled with a coin toss. So sit back buckle up it will be a wild ride.

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