Fc Barcelona vs. Athletic Bilbao

Would you like to bet on this match? If the answer is S, then you must analyze each teams performance carefully.

Lets start with Fc Barcelona! Barcelona have 43 points and they are the 1st in the Spanish League. They have won their last 5 games. During these matches Barcelona scored 20 goals and got only 1. This means that the whole team is in great shape. On their last match, against Espanyol, Barcelona players moved together, shot a lot on target and scored 5 goals, but most importantly it seemed that they do not have a vulnerable point.

Athletic Bilbao have 25 points and they are 6th in the Spanish League. From their last 5 games they have won 3 and lost 2. During these matches they scored 6 goals and got 9. This means that their forwards are in good form, however their defenders are inexperienced. This is not a surprise, if you know that Bilbao have a very young team ( average age is 24!). They won their last 2 games and more importantly they started to play as a team. However I am not sure that this is going to be enough against Barcelonap>

According to sportsbook.com, the odds are clearly on Barcelonas side. The odds are the following: Barcelona victory: 1.22; tie: 5.25; Bilbao victory: 11.00. I would bet on Barcelona victory, but with only this bet is you are not going to win big money. Luckily, sportsbook.com offers another type of bet for this game. If the matchs total score is going to be over 2, the odd is 1.45. I would certainly bet on this because Barcelona score 4 goals in average. My tip would be 4-0, so its a Barcelona victory.

You could play these two tips in parlay for a bigger prize. A combination bet of these two tips would pay 1.22X1.45=1.76. So if you pay $10 you could easily win $17.60!

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