Chicago Bears vs. Greenbay – Week 17

The Chicago Bears will be looking to win their place as the number 2 seed and the first round bye. Before they get that extra week of rest and relaxation, they’ll   have to get by  the Green Bay Packers who will be playing this game for their chance at the post season.

This is a rival game so weather is pretty much irrelevant, and not a  factor for either team. This game has possible playoff potential and  has the Packers play off life at steak. The edge however goes to head coach Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears.

If Chicago beats Greenbay, the Giants win as well, they get a shot at Washington, If Greenbay wins, they make the playoffs, and the Giants are watching from the sofa seats.

The New York Giants have, up until today held an edge  over the other teams all they had to do was win. That’s been easier said then done. As of today, it’s out of their hands, their fate is entirely up to the Chicago bears.

In the end though, if the Giants don’t make it, and get this last chance at a spot in the play-offs they will not be able to blame the Bears entirely. The New York Giants and Eli Manning may not make the playoffs for two reasons most importantly because they did not play well enough during the season. Additionally,  they allowed one too many games to slip away.

The Giants will face division rival the Washington Redskins and formost will defeat them but even if the new York Giants win they could still fall short of post season action and rightfully so.

It is also this one fact that the Giants failed to beat the Packers who will be playing the Chicago Bears. The bears head coach said he will play the game to win; the Giants hope so because if the Packers lose and Giants win the Giants make the post season. Now it is my personal opinion that if the Bears do not play to win they they are cowards because they can still be the number one seed.

Yet it may do the game of football justice if the Giants fail to make the post season because they have let down their fans and have not played the way Giants ball is played.Currently Washington is a 4 point favorite. Now if the Giants fail to make the post season it is their falt and should shoulder the responsibility because they played without passion or purpose.

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