Carolina at Atlanta

Last week of the regular season and the football schedule makers were hoping this game would have meaning. Instead the inter division rival Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons are at opposite ends of the NFL spectrum. The Atlanta Falcons look to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win vs the New Orleans Saints tonight on Monday Night Football. The Carolina Panthers on the other hand have already locked up next Aprils #1 draft choice.

The outcome of tonight’s game will have a huge effect on the line for next weeks match up. If the Falcons win and the #1 seed is secured they will have nothing to play for next week. Then there’d be the possibility of resting starters which would lead to a lower line.

If they lose tonight however then they will have to win next week in order to hold on to that #1 seed. If this is the case they are going to have to play to win with all the starters in. This will create a larger spread on next weeks game.

If Atlanta must have the win I don’t care what the spread is I’m taking them to cover and look for the final score to be something like 31-10. If they beat the Saints tonight and the #1 seed and home field advantage is theirs throughout the playoffs I’ll be looking for Atlanta to continue as the favorite, but only by 4 points or less. In this meaningless game scenario and if they do indeed rest all the starters I will take Carolina to WIN on the Money Line in close scoring game. I would think something like 21-17 as Carolina should still have trouble scoring, Even versus the Falcons 2nd stringers.

Watch tonight’s game and you may want to wait until much closer to kickoff before laying down your money to find out who will and will not be playing if the game has no meaning for the falcons.

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