Can Anybody Stop Oregon in the Pac-10?

While many conferences have intriguing title battles that are likely to go down to the wire, in the Pac-10 that doesn’t seem likely to be the case. While it is a very good conference, probably the second best in college football, one team seems to have run away with the race. That would be Oregon, who is currently looking like a possible to play in the national title game. Can the Ducks, who Sportsbook has at even money to win the BCS Championship, be knocked off?

They will need to lose at least two games for this to happen, since they have already beaten Stanford. They end the season with a game at home against Arizona and a game on the road against Oregon State. If they were playing the Wildcats on the road, the odds of them losing would be better. At home, however, it seems unlikely. Plus, while the Civil War between the Ducks and the Beavers is always a hard fought, intense game, Oregon State just isn’t that good this season.

As such, it looks very unlikely that the Ducks lose a game the rest of the way. If they don’t win the Pac-10 title, it would be particularly surprising. Oregon is just too good, with their outstanding, high powered offense. At least Stanford can take solace in the fact they have a good chance of going to a BCS Bowl game. It is not quite winning the Pac-10, but for the Cardinals, it would be a major accomplishment.

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