Betting on the Rose bowl

There were three unbeaten college football teams this year there is TCU who finished 12-0 that’ll be facing  Wisconsin 11-1 in the Rose Bowl includes one of them. If you’re looking to place a bet on that game,  Texas Christian (TCU) is a 3 point favorite. I’m takin’ that wager for sure. In fact, I think the spread should be more like 10, in fact, TCU might just take ‘em by 14. TCU should have been number one and Auburn number two just because their respective divisions are tougher then the Pac 10 and Oregon had a soft schedule.

I’m an Oregonian though, so maybe I’m biased.

TCU out scored Oregon 78 total TDs with 95 second to Auburn and TCU quarterbacks have a better pass rating than Oregon’s 151.8.  TCU shows up to the game with a pass rating of 167.4. So for all rights TCU got cheated out of the national Championship. TCU has its work cut out for them at least as far as the stats sheets go.

The Wisconsin Badgers are 11-1 but as a team passer rating of 172 that is better then Oregon or Texas Christian second to Auburns Cam Newton and the Badgers have scored more total TDs 80 then even Oregon’s 78. it will be no doubt a good game but the edge has to go to TCU defense. The Texas Christian defense gave up a total of 127 points that is  14 points allowed per game the Wisconsin Badgers defense has allowed 21 points per game that gives TCU a 7 point edge.

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